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Three Key Steps to You Having a more POWERFUL Executive Brand

Hey Melbourne peeps!

Hold 1 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm aside for a night of strategic networking, interactive discussion and Q&A with Amanda Blesing.

Have you ever experience the issues below?

  • Problem #1: You feel like people dismiss your ideas or plain old ignore you because you're either too young or a bit past your 'youthful useby date'. ( I hear you!)
  • Problem #2: You've been hitting your head up against brickwalls, roadblocks and glass ceiling for a while and you're beginning to wonder if it's all really worth while ......
  • Problem #3: You're doing okay but terrified that you'll be undermined, or worse, shoot yourself in the foot and get caught out

Most of us are great at solving complex business problems but unless you know how to back yourself, sell yourself and express your expertise effectively, you'll just end up with more work, and not the raise, promotion or better opportunity you thought was coming your way.

Using the tools of Executive Presence, Personal Branding and Positioning - let's make your career success feel a whole heap easier.

Don't be a statistic or an unintentional victim - let's get all the tools in your executive branding tool kit sharpened and pointed in the right direction!

BONUS: Why not book in for a LinkedIn headshot at the same time? We've negotiated an awesome rate with our special event photographer Luis on the night. Come dressed for success. Christina will give you a once over to make sure you're looking fab for your shoot. You receive about 10 images to choose from with one airbrushed in the fee. If this is for you, choose the LinkedIn ticket price.

Places are restricted for a more intimate and personalised event.

  • 4.45pm registration & LinkedIn headshots
  • 5.30pm Official start time - strategic networking & continue LinkedIn headshots
  • 6pm interactive discussion commences.
  • 7pm continue scheduled LinkedIn headhots
  • 7.30pm close

LIght refreshments included