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unlocking The Power of your Elevator Pitch

BY INVITATION ONLY - and you are invited!

Let's Get Pitch Perfect! The Power of the Elevator Pitch

While everyone else is running themselves ragged jumping through corporate career hoops, proving themselves over again with 'special projects', more networking and even bigger hoops  .......I’m concentrating on just three simple principles that enable you to focus on the things that really count.

  • Presence, Positioning & Personal Branding - take charge of the narrative before it takes charge of you.

Join me in late March to learn about the Power of the Elevator Pitch 

  • Key ingredients that help you take charge of the narrative & position yourself effectively
  • Why it works
  • Common mistakes
  • Along with an easy formula to help you cut through the clutter in business, networking or board room settings.

Because you never truly know when you'll get caught in the elevator with the chair of the Board! 

Option #1 - Melbourne - an evening of strategic networking and pitch practice in a supportive environment

(Don't forget if you need your LinkedIn profile pic we've got the fabulous Luis attending with a special deal for attendees) 

Option #2 - Webinar (online)  Can't make it to the face to face session? Never fear!

(While you won't get the same pitch practice at the webinar, you will get 2 easy formulas to play with to find something that works for you along with a copy of the 12 Point Executive Branding Blueprint).

Places are restricted for a more intimate and personalised event.