Level Up Career
3, 6 & 12 months

Promotions, raises & better opportunities for executive women

A mentoring program (3 months to 12 months) designed for the smart and savvy professional who understands that getting strategic help in the early stages of career planning means greater rewards sooner.  

  • Tired of not getting where you want to go fast enough?
  • Tired of waiting?  
  • Well it's your turn now.
I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Level Up mentoring is just like a "secret weapon" for your career -  helping you focus on the right things so you can make a bigger difference more easily. Ideal for those wanting to execute a bold, audacious move into the C-suite or for anyone simply wanting to "level up" and operate more successfully.


A typical 6 month program includes:

  • Private mentoring and/or coaching
  • Face to face (Melbourne) or via phone
  • 10 sessions one one one
  • Access to all recruitment resources including LinkedIn Mastery Online training
  • Invitations to events
  • Private Facebook discussion group
  • Homework and feedback between sessions
  • Goal setting and accountability measures incorporated

Guaranteed benefits? 

  • Lets be honest, we all want more money. 
    Did you know that women managers are paid up to 45% less than male peers?  Let's do something about that starting with you.
  • Increased confidence and impact at work - embrace your inner expert
  • Feel like you are doing less, yet achieving more.
  • Get back in touch with what truly lights you up.

#LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes     #ImposterSyndromeBegone   #ambitionrevolution

There is a stunning moment in a woman’s life, when - after she has begun to move out, to expand, to raise her sights - she discovers that the rules have changed and she will no longer be rewarded for her compliance, as she has been, systematically, since she was a little girl.
— Colette Dowling, The Cinderella Syndrome