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In the first two months of 2017 alone, five of Amanda's clients landed new opportunities and/or promotions. Each came with either a significant raise or a big step more closely aligned with long term career goals and purpose.

In fact, if you simply talk about the money the biggest raise represented an additional $150K p.a.!  Plus she's won a promotion since.

While we can't guarantee a raise of that size, what we can guarantee is that all your career tools will be upgraded at least 2 levels, plus your confidence will go through the roof.

Whether you think you can, or thank you can't - you're absolutely categorically right. So why not you?  Get in touch.

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Amanda is a great career investment for women at any level. The experience of working with her has created not only new opportunities for me, but has increased my confidence and created significant personal growth. .... She has a great talent for being able to draw out and cultivate leadership expertise. She was able to remind me of the significant value I offer to organisations ... working with me to build my confidence and my ability to articulate this anytime, anywhere.
— Jemma Wayth, Project & Performance Manager, VicRoads
Hi Amanda - I love reading your book & anything you publish on LinkedIn. Just wanted to send a quick note to say you’ve empowered me to interact & engage with LinkedIn for personal branding & advancing my employment opportunities ….. am feeling empowered :)
— Claire - mining executive, Perth, WA
Amanda has given me clarity, vision, and a strategy to move my career forward. With her mentoring, I have been able to unpack my leadership brand and be reminded of the significant value I’ve delivered in the sector.

Moving forward, Amanda has kept me accountable, confident and strategic. My ambition is clear and I have never been more excited about my future.
— Michele Barry, Former CEO, Better Hearing Australia, now Director, Frontis Consulting
Amanda! I was looking back on the career aspiration list that you did with me ages ago. I finally have it all - a flexible job that give me recognition and I’m constantly learning and evolving! My firm are keeping me on so I will be working from home in the Gold Coast and commuting each fortnight to Melb or Syd. So lucky!
— Sara Walsh, Entrepreneur, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne
Despite being an expert in B2B sales and year on year delivering excellent sales results, I realised that I was missing out on opportunities internally. I was hesitant to raise my hand or put myself out there.

Amanda helped catapult me from being viewed as someone who just gets things done & meets numbers, to someone who can be viewed as an effective and strategic leader worth developing in this space.
— Vineeta Srivastava, Senior Solutions Sales Executive, SAP
Amanda is an incredibly insightful and intuitive leader. Not only is she a great listener, she’s also able to unravel problems and transform them into thoughtful solutions that are easy to action. She’s motivated me to elevate my outlook on what it is to run a successful business.

I can’t wait to get started on this new chapter of my business!
— Kelly Myers, SEO Consultant
Amanda mentored and coached me for over one year, with the objective of fine-tuning my personal brand and further developing my leadership skills. ....... My career path now has a clearer direction and I am now able to clearly communicate my value and confidently engage people at all levels within the business.

She is a fantastic mentor, who is able to assist to with finding a solution which will provide the most effective impact.
— Maria Westaway, Change Manager, Optus
I have worked with Amanda for over six months and during that time she has helped me to better understand my own goals/expertise and be confident in powerfully articulating my short and longer term value offering. Her support and advice have been particularly helpful in developing my personal brand including effectively leveraging LinkedIn. Amanda is a fantastic coach/mentor for women and seems to have an almost psychic ability to hone right into the heart of any issue, helping you find a solution and then keeping you accountable to delivering to that commitment. I would highly recommend her to other women looking for a coach/mentor who can bring out the best in you.
— Jayne Ward, Head of Rem & Benefits, Australia Post
I worked with Amanda as my leadership coach with the objective of obtaining a role that would provide an opportunity to showcase my skills and expertise while also providing a ‘stretch’. Through a skilled coaching framework, Amanda helped me identify a direction and articulate the value in the work I deliver while skilfully keeping me confident, leadership focused and strategic. Amanda reminded me of when I deliver best value and make the biggest difference.

With this directed confidence, I was successful in obtaining a dream position within the NFP sector and I am currently relishing rising to the challenge.
— Claire McGuiness, BDM & Project Manager, Independent Living Centre, WA
I’ve only had a couple of sessions with Amanda Blesing so far, and every time I keep thinking how amazing it would be if all this information on our career management that she is sharing with us would be part of education programme at Universities. What a huge difference would it make! I am 100% sure that my attitude towards career would be totally different. Thank goodness I learned this now and not another 10 years later. It’s not too late :) Amanda, thank you so much for being out there and sharing all this empowering knowledge with each one of us. Thank you for making a difference in our lives!
— Natalia, Advertising Executive, WA
As my Business Mentor during the first part of 2017, Amanda played an essential role in driving the growth of my business as a consultant. Highly experienced and an excellent communicator, Amanda assisted me to successfully navigate through the many challenges I experienced as a female senior Manager embarking upon my own business journey.
Amanda was able to provide invaluable:
- strategic advice about positioning, publishing and creating expert status on LinkedIn and beyond
- information regarding packaging & customising programs for corporate and business
- assistance re the lead generation & sales process
- and general confidence building along the way

I’m looking forward to continuing to seek advice from Amanda as my business continues to grow!
— Lexie Wilkins: Culture and Employee Engagement Expert
“Investment well spent - When I first started working with Amanda I was a bit worried about the cost. But as soon as we started working together I could see this was a significant investment in my own confidence and my future. I’m a highly driven sales executive, yet when it comes to selling myself I sometimes falter. Amanda’s focus on results, achievements and finding evidence helps to bridge the gap between the comfort zone, and where I do my best work.”
— Donna Redmond, Sales Executive, Victoria
I brought Amanda in to work with my team over several months with a focus on improving personal leadership and team dynamics. Her unique IP on personal ownership plus her sense of humour meant our team (originally a little resistant) got on board quite quickly. The team still talk about the content 18 months on. She also provided one on one coaching for the entire team which meant their concerns and frustrations were articulated and a plan for them to take ownership of the issues put in place. I’m currently looking for an opportunity to bring her back to do more work.
— Bryan Cook, Director, Ashdale Complaints Management
In 2016 two of my senior level female staff worked with Amanda over 6 months in a combination of group training sessions and one on one coaching. Both of our staff who worked with Amanda have seen measurable and significant developments. The difference in their confidence, their willingness to step up and take charge and their understanding of how to communicate their value was obvious to all. It is simply amazing to see these two women in their roles today and witness the lasting, positive change within themselves and the people they directly engage with in our business. For this reason and many others I highly recommend Amanda’s services.
— Logan Merrick - Director at Buzinga App Development, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Innovator and Mentor
Working in the Mining Industry, which is experiencing a downturn, I took a role back step into a new organisation after the mine I was working in closed. In the first month I quickly realised that I was a drop in the ocean with no banked credibility for climbing the ladder. After seeing Amanda speak at a Women in Mining Event, I engaged Amanda for a one on one coaching program. Over the course of our year together I increased my visibility within my new organisation, spring boarded into a promotion, and negotiated a great salary package. Amanda taught me how to unpack my leadership skills, effectively communicate the value I create to increase my visibility as a leader, develop and work my personal brand and build my professional confidence so that I can do all this as second nature. I would highly recommend working with Amanda to any women who are feeling the pressure of the glass ceiling.
— Erin Sweeney, Newcrest, Mining Sector
If you are looking for the next role - Never underestimate the power of LinkedIn. Through few “out there”, but strategically targeted invitations & messages, I got interviews with some big global companies, and a few Skype interviews later, landed my new fab role in Europe. What did I do? Played to my strengths, emphasised the value I create for organisations and yes, lived my brand. Thanks Amanda Blesing again for your support!
— Kaisu Christie, former Head of Digital & Innovation, BoQ, now Digital Strategy & Transformation Senior Director, Cognizant (Finland)
I’ve been working on and off with Amanda as my executive coach for more than 18 months. She has helped me stay strong, confident and strategic throughout the day to day, rough and tumble of corporate politicking. She also helped me to define and communicate my thought leadership and personal brand more effectively which means that I get to spend more time on the things that make a difference to me both at home and at work!
— Mirella Prasad, Head of Risk, Operations & Service Experience, BoQ
“I worked with Amanda as my executive coach in 2015 & 2016. She was great at keeping me focused on the bigger picture and has a way with crafting arguments that work. She helped with confidence building and really understands those issues that women face in corporate Australia. I’ve subsequently recommended several of my acquaintances to go to her for help!
— Jane Pires, former Executive Manager, Group Customer Relations, Suncorp
I’ve been working with Amanda for almost one year in her capacity as Executive Coach. Her insights into helping women remain smart, strategic, resilient and visible have been paying off both personally and professionally for both the business and my own leadership.
— Carla Wall, Managing Director, COINS
As a PR professional, sometimes being good at promoting your clients doesn’t always mean you’re comfortable with promoting yourself - a bit like the plumber with the leaky tap at home!

I turned to c-suite mentor, Amanda Blesing of The Ambition Revolution to gain feedback and guidance on how best to reflect on my seniority in presentations as well as her opinion on the changing perceptions of senior executive roles.

Her assistance was outstanding. She has a wonderful talent for listening and is able to beautifully crystallise one’s career objectives, providing inspirational direction along with a top up shot of confidence.

After working with Amanda I was energised with a fresh view on the way forward, using my past experiences as a solid springboard. Thank you Amanda!
— Janita Friend, PR Consultant and Executive, Melbourne
Amanda is a vibrant, highly engaging and thought provoking speaker. She brings a great deal of energy to her subject matter and I would highly recommend her as either an MC or speaker at your event. “
— Sarah Young, Executive Leadershp Coach and Trainer at the Brisbane Women in Leadership Summit 2016
I really enjoyed the panel before afternoon tea at the Women in Leadership Summit in Brisbane. You make facilitation look effortless! It flowed so well and I loved how the panelists even bantered amongst themselves!
— Samantha Freebairn, pilot, diversity, women in leadership expert & public speaker
I’ve been working with Amanda for the last 6 months. Let’s just say, if you are prepared to put the effort in, Amanda will really invest in you. She helped me unpack my leadership potential and expertise, then create opportunities within the business for progression and advancement.
She also assisted me to see where I was getting in my own way and do something about it, and has facilitated me moving into the next phase of my career.
I got so much out of working with Amanda in the initial stages that I signed back up for more!
— Georgia, Cyber Security Expert, Sydney
I started working with Amanda to help define and create a personal brand that would get me to the next career level with confidence and purpose. Within a few weeks of starting on her program, despite a heavy workload, family responsibilities and the last stages of an Executive MBA, I was being considered for a leadership role that I would not previously had the courage to apply for. During our time together and with much encouragement from Amanda, I was asked to join a NFP board which was a long-held aspiration of mine. She has introduced me to other executive women thus creating a very strong, ongoing support network. Working with Amanda has given me clarity around what’s important so that I can make positive choices about my future. Amanda’s advice is practical, strategic and confidence-boosting as she reminds me to stop underestimating myself and to take charge. She is playing a critical role in encouraging women into senior leadership roles and into boardrooms. Amanda is a fabulous role model and coach for executive women.
— Deborah Young Association Executive, Sydney
Amanda is a phenomenal coach and mentor for women looking to accelerate their careers. She provides honest and practical advice tailored to personal circumstances to help women push through their barriers (personal and professional) to achieve their maximum potential. Her experience as a senior leader means she can draw from personal experiences. She is dynamic and strategic in her dealings and will help you crystallise your future goals and then lay a road map on how to achieve them. I first came across Amanda’s work back in 2015 while working with another coach. Because Amanda’s material is tailored with feminine ambition in mind and I had been able to finish with my coach, I booked in with Amanda so she could hold me steady in my bid for some of my more ambitious goals for 2016. She coached me through the recruitment phase and provided additional support with preparing for interview along with both my exit strategy and onboarding with my 5 – 10 year plans in mind. I am delighted to announce I was successful in my bid to land a global head of remuneration role with an ASX listed brand. This is by far the best investment you can make in your career!
— Tanya Singh, Global Head, Remuneration & Benefits, Nufarm
As an emerging leader in a fast growing tech startup, I found myself struggling to communicate effectively with my male Directors and I was battling severe imposter syndrome. I had come to a crossroad; ‘Lean In or Lean Out.’ Amanda’s Young Executive Mastermind group has transformed my mindset, ‘turbo charging’ my professional development and personal growth. After only 2 months of working closely with Amanda I was promoted from Marketing Coordinator to Marketing Manager with a significant salary increase. Amanda helped me find voice and discover my unique offering to the business. I shed my ‘rainbows and sunshine’ stereotype and became a confident powerhouse in management meetings, communicating strategic business decisions and understanding how I impacted the bottom line.

Amanda is the definition of success by 1 percenters, the attention to detail, focus and personal touch she commits to her clients is what makes her a standout professional business coach. And her Ambition Revolution will play a fundamental role in gender diversity history; a catalyst for many shattered ceilings.”
— Katelyn Duckworth, Marketing Manager, Buzinga App Development
I started work with Amanda to advance my position, while working in the male dominated world of engineering and mining. She has helped me identify my strengths, to step up and speak out more confidently in situations where previously I would not, and has helped me communicate and bring awareness to the work I do with leaders in the organisation.
As a result I feel my work is being valued and I am far more confident about myself and my contribution to the business. I have a developed a great working relationship with my boss, and opportunities to work on projects that really excite me are coming my way more easily. In fact I’ve even been nominated for an award for my contributions to date, which shows my work is not going unnoticed any longer. I highly recommend working with Amanda to help you identify and amplify your visibility within the business.
— Erin Sweeney, Mining Corporate Engineer, Victoria
Your passion to help change the world for women is something that resonates very strongly with me. I volunteer at a domestic violence support organisation in Ballarat and am a fighter for women’s rights. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and walked away feeling strong and inspired - thank you. It’s great to know there are courageous women like you out there!”
— Sarah, Student from Ballarat (WIRV IWD March 2016)
WIRV International Women's Day Women in Mining March 2016

WIRV International Women's Day Women in Mining March 2016

Amanda is a fantastic mentor. Since working with Amanda through the
Young Executive Mastermind program, I have the focus and confidence to level-up in my career. She helped me see that I was underestimating my abilities and pitching at that level, rather than the level where I’d be able to stretch and flourish. I’ve since been offered two exciting new opportunities and am now on track to achieving my professional goals and developing my confident and more expert personal brand.
— Sharon Sebastian, Communications Professional, Brisbane
“I was at a cross roads in my career when I came across Amanda. As well as helping me to create a strategy and to start to define my own personal brand, Amanda also provided me with a sounding board and the confidence to move forward when I was in a relatively isolated position. Being located in Asia and with Amanda being based in Melbourne provided no challenges for our weekly catch ups and I gained so much from my initial sessions, I immediately booked in to continue coaching with Amanda!”
— Cath Jacobs, Consultant, International Trade
Amanda spoke at the annual Professional Development Seminar for Women in Mining and Resources Victoria, on the topic of negotiation tactics for women. She captivated the audience with her easy to understand and polished delivery of information that included statistical evidence on the benefits of gender diversity, how the mind works (differently for men and women) and practical tips on how to short circuit biases in ourselves and others. Amanda used humour interwoven with examples to explain the value of knowing your worth and salary negotiation tactics. Amanda’s content was highly relevant and right on target, the session has prompted me to reflect on how to manage my career more effectively and reframe my approach to maximise my opportunities.
— Gabriela Love, Senior Lead Planning Engineer, Newcrest Mining Limited (IWD March 2016)
Simply put - Amanda ‘rocks’. She can hit the nail on the head quickly to make the smallest of changes which have a bigger game result. With a really warm and generous spirit and a whippet smart mind, Amanda has been a great help and support to me.
— Sue Parker, Humanising Hiring Strategist, Melbourne
It’s rare that you come across a standout mentor like Amanda. She is a warm, smart and savvy mentor and leader who genuinely cares about seeing women enjoy successful careers in mining and resources. She provided great insight to me and really forced me to think through my objectives in a critical way. Her approach was very flexible to my needs but she never gave me an easy way out. A real pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any career coaching.
— Nasim Etesam, Project Engineer (Mechanical) at JOHNEX
I was at the talk you did recently and found it absolutely fantastic, particularly from my male perspective. I consider myself an active feminist and someone who fights for equality in all aspects of life. That being said, there were many people in the room less-familiar with feminism and the actual inequality that women face on a daily basis, particularly in the workplace.

After your talk, I heard several of my male colleagues discussing these issues around the admittedly stereotypical water cooler. This was incredibly powerful sight for me and goes to show how much of an eye-opener your presentation was.

On a personal level, the points you made around confidence and the part it plays in conquering anxieties was a real light bulb moment for me. It helped me identify the importance in embracing, accepting and overcoming my historical anxieties and approach life in a much more confident manner. In just a few short days, I’ve already seen benefits in my life (both professional and personal) that have come directly from this new outlook on life.
— Elliot Coombe, Buzinga App Development
Amanda is a stand out professional as a mentor. From the initial consultation, her curiosity and insights with hearing your story and aspirations then takes you that next step closer to achieving them. I was particularly impressed by Amanda’s enthusiasm and interest in our mentoring relationship to help me identify clear goal posts. The investment was worth every cent and even my husband and friends could see the rewards.
I can’t recommend Amanda enough if you are looking for some to help you find and achieve your goals.
— Cindy Drake, Project Specialist, & Business Consultant Melbourne
“The world needs ambitious women. Amanda’s work provides a thoughtful framework to help women channel their talents strategically so they can make a difference and build a powerful personal brand. That’s the true path to standing out.”
— Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out & Reinventing You; adjunct professor, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business
Your work is brilliant, innovative and crucial. Many people can see the problems but very few can see the big big picture and you are clearly one of them. To have any significant impact in this time of meteoric change it is vital to be way ahead of the game, and you are. Congratulations.
— Dale Stevens, Principal, Creative Power Tools
I was at home one evening reflecting on what Amanda had said about just start taking action. I had seen an advert for this interesting role a couple of times and not done anything. So I decided just to go for it - and I not only landed the role but with all the bells and whistles that I really wanted!
— Alana, Lawyer, Melbourne
Amanda’s generous and regular instalments have absolutely shifted my view into the positive and the possible. Days are easier and richer and full of the possible as a result. Thank you Amanda!
— Emily, Management Consultant, Melbourne
Amanda recently spoke to a group of Women in Digital members in Brisbane and Melbourne events on career development and female leadership. She captivated the audiences with her charismatic and inspirational style, offering our members tailored and practical guidance. The feedback from the event has been extremely positive - I would highly recommend Amanda if you are looking for a Leadership Coach, Mentor or Speaker.
— Holly Tattersall, Founder of Women in Digital
Amanda’s presentation to our business women’s networking group on the topic of ‘Confidence vs Competence’ was extremely insightful and was made even more memorable by her honest and authentic delivery style. Her talk hit many nails directly on the head for me and served as a timely ‘circuit-breaker’, helping me look with fresh eyes at aspects of my life that were generating feelings of stress and overwhelm.
— Sue, Public Relations Consultant, Melbourne
Beaumont Consulting yesterday had the pleasure of having Amanda Blesing in our boardroom yesterday to present a one hour keynote on inspiring women to make tough decisions on order to further their career. A great presentation especially when it tied in very nicely with International Women’s Day. Thank you Amanda for your time yesterday!
— Mark Giltenam, Senior Consultant - Associations & Memberships Division at Beaumont Consulting
“I recently worked with Amanda to help me find clarity and certainty about my future direction. At first I was concerned about both the time and financial commitment but the reality is, when you put your mind to it, those things are simply excuses, and the results far outweigh those excuses. As a result of the mentoring I now know exactly what I’m doing in 2016, I have some refined new executive level tools to work with and I’m gaining confidence in publishing on LinkedIn even as I write. Amanda was fantastic to work with, very supportive and motivating. I’m very happy to recommend her as a professional mentor for women. Bring on 2016!”
— Sonya Furlong, Events Specialist, Avon
Thanks for a great two days emceeing the 2015 APAC Women in Leadership and Management Summit in Melbourne. Your energy on the day was a driving force behind our discussions and willingness to open up.”
— Michelle, Coles, Victoria
APAC Women in Leadership & Management Summit, December 2015

APAC Women in Leadership & Management Summit, December 2015

Gastech InternationalConference & Exhibition, Singapore October 2015

Gastech InternationalConference & Exhibition, Singapore October 2015

“Amanda spoke to both our Student Programme and the Women In Energy Programme at the 2015 Gastech Conference in Singapore in October. She provided a different tailored presentation for each to highlight for each group that they can create their own career path with confidence, persistence and a plan.
Her style was energetic and motivating and a great interlude to the heavier more technical topics on the program.
Thank you Amanda, for your inspirational talks at both Gastech Student Programme and Women in Energy!”
— Rekha Kaur, Conference Organiser, DMG Events
I recently worked with Amanda on increasing my professional profile on LinkedIn. Amanda took a long term view working on the values of my business in the first instance and then language that was authentically me so that I was comfortable with the look and feel of my profile.

We also looked at the SEO functionally of LinkedIn and how to maximise the value that offers to ensure that my profile comes up in searches appropriately. She walked me through the process and coached me so that I became more familiar with some of the more advanced settings and features and felt confident to do these on my own in the future.

Finally she left me with an easy strategy to implement that’s not too time consuming and set of weekly steps so that I can maintain the momentum that we started.

Amanda is an ‘expert’ in her field of business mentoring for women and training and I am so excited that she was able to fit me in her busy schedule whilst I was in Melbourne recently. I am working solidly towards implementing the strategies we developed and Amanda is already following me up to ensure I am comfortable and on track which really helps me to remain accountable....which I need.
— Tricia Mahony (Durrant), Managing Director, Inhouse Event Solutions
Amanda is an amazing speaker and facilitator and has a knack of inspiring and educating women whilst empowering them to reach higher and feel fabulous about themselves, their knowledge and skills.
— Violet Browne, Viaccom Marketing & convenor Secret Women's Business
I’ve been working with Amanda with a particular focus on my values and expertise, and how I leverage that both at work and in a social media environment. This work is already having impact with my approach to my team and colleagues and I’m feeling much more confident as I tackle LinkedIn with a more strategic focus. Amanda’s process is hands on, very supportive and her research and background means she really understands the issues that women face as they start climbing higher.
— Caterina, Sales and Marketing, Melbourne
As a mentor, Amanda keeps a strategic focus on opportunities, understands how the language we use to describe achievement matters and has a knack for reframing things in a commercially appealing way.
She provided me with practical advice that built my confidence and helped overcome the fear factor.
She is keenly aware that career development is a process and of the importance of keeping active and positive. She also has fantastic energy and enthusiasm that is the mark of a great mentor.
Since working with Amanda I’ve landed a new role in the direction of my choice and been published - all in the same week.
— Jennifer, University Sector, Melbourne
Thanks so were inspirational...thoroughly enjoyed your talk.
I even tried the breathing exercises to help me sleep last night!
If there is ever a need or someone would like someone to speak at their workshop/conference, I will definitely tell them that you’re great and their conference woudn’t be the same if you didn’t speak at it!!
— Jill, Energy Sector, Queensland
Amanda assisted me with a professional CV refresh, interview preparation and interview rehearsal recently including a Prezi on the topic of customer experience. Not only did the process help me see myself as others see me - highly competent and successful in my field which gave me the impetus to apply for new roles - I also got feedback on my new CV from a 3rd party who said it was one of the best he had seen. He should know - he works in recruitment!
— Judith, public sector, Brisbane
The work Amanda did with me that left the best impression was with my CV. In particular, she helped me to understand how to articulate my achievements in language that makes an impact, but retains my voice and values. By reflecting on my achievements in the way Amanda suggested, I found I could look at myself in a different way, a way that makes me feel proud and confident.
— Karen, NFP sector, Melbourne
Amanda models what it means to take ambition to the next level. She delivers results.

I met Amanda through a mutual friend and was immediately impressed by her knowledge, experience, commitment and passion surrounding her vision and mission. I wanted to feel more confident about communicating my knowledge and expertise through writing blog articles.

She helped me dive into this new arena by leading me through a series of questions to help me identify topics, prepare content, and incorporate other essential ingredients to make each article more interesting and impactful.

Amanda is an expert at showing women how to step up their game to make a bigger difference. As a mentor, she will believe in you so that you can express your brilliance in a more powerful way so that you can get the attention and respect you deserve.
— Joni Gilton, Austin Texas
Amanda is inspiring, creative, innovative, energetic and visionary. I worked closely with her in a President/CEO relationship and admired her tireless invention and reinvention of our member services and her ability to generate financial sustainability in all sorts of conditions. She is a marvelous mentor - helping to identify opportunity, crystallise value and inspire action. She has her finger on the pulse, helping others to stay in touch with new ideas, trends and resources. Amanda is a dynamic agent of change and a wonderful asset as a speaker, coach or mentor.
— Loraine Dartnell, Head of Member and Customer Experience at NRMA Motoring & Service