3 Handy & Powerful Statistics to Remember as you Go For Your Next Promotion

Since the launch of The Ambition Revolution (the art & science of amping smart 'n savvy) I've been calling on women and men in leadership to remember the Power of Five.

And it goes a little like this ......

When organisations have gender diversity including women in leadership roles, organisations are frequently:

  1. More profitable
  2. More productive
  3. Make better decisions and manage risk better
  4. Have better customer engagement scores
  5. Have increased staff satisfaction and engagement scores.

What's not to like?

Want the detail? You can read more here.  It seems like a no-brainer, yet despite steady and concerted efforts by governments, organisations and women, the dial hasn't moved as far as it should. In fact, it hasn't moved very far at all. 

There is still resistance from leadership teams and Boards (including the recent Apple announcement), there is still bias at play and there are still "leaning out" types of behaviours happening with women as we struggle to be heard, make a big enough difference or be treated with respect that we want and deserve. 

There was a really interesting article on Mamamia recently written by Amanda Collinge, ABC Producer,  where she highlighted the difficulty of achieving gender balance on the Q&A program for a range of reasons including:

  • The adversarial and combative style that puts some women off,
  • Lack of actual airtime for non-politician panelists (frequently women) , and
  • The subsequent trolling and social media bullying that seems to be part and parcel of a woman stepping up, speaking out and taking charge

While Q&A is a completely different forum, I do think it can be somewhat reflective of the culture of some organisations and perhaps (out on a limb here) goes to explain a little why some women prefer to "lean out" after just a few years in a role (Bain & Co 2014).

So when I stumbled upon these three statistics in a short period of time, I couldn't leave them un-shared because they provide a combination of context and impetus to create significant shift.

So here they are.............. (drum roll please)

1. Profitability - simply remember 36%:

Companies with strong female leadership deliver a 36% higher return on equity, according to the index provider MSCI.
— (It's official, companies with women on Boards perform better - World Economic Forum December 2015)

2. Avoiding penalties and keeping out of trouble- 24%:

Companies ranked in the bottom quarter in terms of gender diversity on their boards were hit by 24% more governance-related controversies than average.
— (It's official, companies with women on Boards perform better - World Economic Forum December 2015)

3. Because in more than 40 years, the gender pay gap dial has only moved 6%!

A legally mandated pay gap of 25 per cent under many employment awards was abolished in 1969, but as at November 2015, O’Dwyer said the national gender pay gap for a full-time base salary is 19.1 per cent.
— "Kelly O'Dwyer says Turnbull's cabinet can be 'brutal"'Sydney Morning Herald, interview with Kelly O'Dwyer, Small Business Minister and Assistant Treasurer, 8 December 2015

So if you've been hesitating about going for that next promotion, getting your first Board appointment or asking for a pay-rise, then these statistics are for you.  Stop waiting and start doing.  Do something now.

My top tips to help get you started?

  • So stop dreaming, start scheming,
  • Put your hand up before you feel ready,
  • "Lean in" to your appetite and appreciation for risk,
  • Get used to playing the Rejection Game and dabble in a bit of Failure Practice just for fun,
  • Get comfortable with discomfort, because its from discomfort that you will grow and achieve great things.
  • And finally, do this, because it's not just good for business - it's good for you as well.

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolution


My mission in life is to help women to play a much bigger game – change the world if you will – and do so with big ideas, big vision and big, audacious bucket loads of confidence.

— Amanda Blesing
  • I am the creator of The Ambition Revolution – the science and art of amping smart and savvy.
  • I mentor busy professionals to ensure they remain strategic, agile and focused on the bigger game.
  • I also work with organisations who are trying to increase the profile of women in leadership, but struggling to do so
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