How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Get Noticed for the Right Reasons

I read an article recently by the Naked CEO on how to get head hunted, with being head hunted positioned as the holy grail of recruitment processes.  Sure, to be head hunted is a pretty exciting and lucky thing to happen, however it's not the only way to get ahead or create a career that counts. Plus, if we all wait around to be lucky, very few people would be going anywhere any time fast.  

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity
— Roman philosopher Seneca

There are quite a few other things that need to happen in the background in order to attract attention from future employers and recruiters alike. Things like getting past the gate keepers so that you are even in the running for an opportunity to WOW everyone with your stunning interview skills.


For women however, sometimes our socialisation gets in the way of us talking up the great work we've done and the results we've achieved. Maybe we assume this is simply "part of the job" and nothing unusual. Or somehow we've intuited that if and when we get this self promotion piece wrong, we lose in the likability stakes - and yes, it's a delicate balance. So let's learn from a bunch of experts about their top tips for getting noticed - for the right reasons.

Dorie Clark is a consultant, former US presidential campaign spokesperson, and the author of Stand Out and Reinventing You. I was privileged to meet Dorie at Michael Port's Heroic Public Speaking course (HPS) in Fort Lauderdale, USA, February 2015.  I've kept in contact with her ever since and she inspires me immensely. If anyone knows how to stand out - it's Dorie! 

Dorie's #1 tip for standing out?  I'd suggest the importance of content creation. If you write frequently and authoritatively on your subject of choice, people will start coming to you as an expert, because every Google search will lead back to material you created. That shifts the power balance; when you're a recognized expert, people come to you and you can name your price.

Emma Graham is the Practice Leader - Digital Marketing & Creative (Recruiter) at Morgan Consulting - in Melbourne Australia.  In fact, Emma's advice backs up Dorie's advice really well.

Emma's #1 tip for standing out from the crowd? Have an opinion, express that opinion and in turn to be seen as a thought leader. Whether it's as a subject matter expert in your field, or as an expert on how to use a particular piece of software within your business, or being known for having the best network.

Nikki Beaumont is the CEO and Founder of Beaumont Consulting (Sydney Australia) which she established in 2001. I met Nikki earlier this month when I spoke to some of her clients in the association sector. 

Nikki says: To stand out you have to get yourself in front of the interviewer in the first place!

  • Write a really well written cover letter, that's personalised and relates directly to the role advertised. Make direct links back to the business and other elements that may not have been touched on in the advert but can be found by doing a little bit of research.
  • A bit of flattery also goes down well too, it's true. For example one candidate recently wrote in an email cover letter to me "Having read through your website and some of the amazing testimonials in there from clients and candidates, I am now even more impressed with your business and would love the opportunity to meet you in person". How can you resist that? Of course it all has to be backed up with the relevant skills and attributes for the role, but it certainly shows that the candidate really is keen, and has done some research.
  • I would then expect some follow up within 2 to 3 days if we hadn't contacted her first. The candidate then has the chance to convince me over the phone as to why they should get an interview with me. There have been a few instances where I have discounted a candidate based on their resume alone, but then after a conversation with them I have brought them in for interview and indeed hired them!

Petra Zink is a recruiter with Hudson Recruitment in Brisbane Australia, and also the International Director of Women in Digital – an international NFP network, aiming to connect women in industry, empower them and upskill them and also provide mentoring.  

Petra says: Women don’t put themselves forward enough. Learn to be more assertive, confident and trust your skills and ability to learn on the job.  You need to get used to promoting yourself. Also learn to value the work that you do and the results you deliver. In my experience when it comes to recruitment, men frequently ask for $20k more at negotiation time! You can do this too. Also, be sure to keep networking and staying in touch with things outside of your industry. 

Vivian Simonelli has worked in recruitment for many years. She is the Managing Partner/Principal Consultant at Ellis King in Melbourne Australia, and also a committee member at Women in Mining and Resources Victoria (WIRV).

Vivian's #1 tip to get noticed?  Prepare well. Research the company you are applying to, understand the role and prepare examples of your experience and knowledge against the KPI's outlined in the position description. Know your strengths and speak confidently. Present well and wear business attire to the interview. In short, be professional.

Margie Stewart is a former Management Consultant and Executive Recruiter - also based in Melbourne. 

Margie's #1 top tip? Be supremely confident in your ability and don't under sell yourself. Easier said than done as we are often conditioned to be humble and expect people will know how great we are! 

So there you have it. Waiting around for someone to tap you on the shoulder is in fact a bit of a myth. You need to be doing a whole heap of work in the background in order to make that luck happen. 

I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.
— Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

 So, go on, why not start preparing for your lucky break right now!

Vive la révolution! 

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