Where are you getting in your own way?

Ground Hog day

I have a confession to make: Remember Bill Murray in Groundhog day? Where he keeps on having to relive the same moment in time, over and over again, until he learns the lesson?  Well I've recently had to acknowledge my groundhog day moment. And it's this: if I simply get out of my own way I achieve far greater results for both myself AND my clients. 

I'm exactly like Bill Murray and I keep having to learn this lesson, over and over again. 

So what does "getting out of your own way" mean? 

Here are some examples that might resonate for you:

  • You're too busy just now to finalise that Award nomination - despite this being exactly what needs to be done
  • You couldn't possibly finish publishing that VLOG because your hair isn't sitting perfectly today - despite the output being a key milestone on your business plan
  • You simply can't get up in the morning and exercise, despite your doctor telling you you need to do more exercise
  • You never make it to your evening yoga class (because you simply don't do mornings) because you're tired and have to work late
  • You're too busy and too indispensable to schedule annual leave - and yet somehow others around you get to go on that European cycling holiday or Balinese yoga retreat without any seeming penalty
  • You work late nights and on weekends week on week, despite noticing that it's impacting on your creativity, health and friendships - and despite you knowing better (oh yes that's me!)
  • You don't set up regular schedules for business development activities, despite knowing that your success depends on it, because you feel a bit uncomfortable. 
  • You approach an expert to help you set up your business but then don't follow the process because, of course, you know better.

It's procrastination pure and simple

Getting in your own way, tripping yourself up or slowing yourself down is a form of procrastination.  You're delaying on doing things that are about your success or that you know are good for you because you think you know better or that things might work out in the wash. The reality check is that if you were to ask someone's advice it would be a no-brainer, yet we still don't act.

So how can you get out of your own way?

Try these three questions. Ask yourself:

  1. What would your future leadership self do in this situation?
  2. What's the worst thing that could happen if you do?
  3. What's the worst thing that could happen if you don't?

All of a sudden your way forward is a whole heap easier - you have clarity, purpose and strategy all rolled into one.

Vive la révolution!  #ambitionrevolution #feminineambition #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes

My mission in life is to help women to play a much bigger game – change the world if you will – and do so with big ideas, big vision and big, audacious bucket loads of confidence.



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