This is the game

“It’s okay for some, but my situation is different“
"I can't do this right now because I’m waiting for the right time“
“I’m not as good as some of the clients you are used to working with.”

I get these comments every day ...

And I love them.

They help me see that what I do is important!

It's easy to feel like you’re not good enough, don’t compare, or need to do more work.

We tend to push back because we’re scared that we may fail.

I know this, because I’m the same.

I'm a solo fempreneur.

I’m pushing myself every day.

Everything is new and I’m frequently flying by the seat of my pants!

And I underestimate myself, just like everyone else.

I regularly blog and share meaningful content, because I’m in the business of helping people.

And sometimes I simply don’t want to share because I’m worried about getting it wrong.

But I have to remember, I can help more women in their leadership journey when I get out of my own way and publish.

So, next time you use an excuse like “I’ll just wait til I feel better prepared” or “I’ll put my hand up for this big opportunity when I feel ready” remember

Playing small, doesn’t serve anyone, least of all yourself.

And for anyone who does take a big step up despite fear of failure?

Congratulations! You’re awesome!

This is the game.



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