Are you getting in your own way?

I quit my job with nothing to go to in the GFC.  

No income, no options & no ideas either.  

During this time I discovered something important -  that we are far more than our role.

It didn’t matter the job title, the salary or the perks.  

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What really mattered was that long term unemployment looked like a real option, and I didn’t know if I was going to be enough!  

So with no easy wins on the horizon I invested in myself by

  • ditching trash (tele, novels & games)
  • learning to discern the difference between good & great advice
  • getting coached.  

But first, I got out of my own way.

I decided that I wanted a choice about my next role.

Instead of aiming lower or sideways, I aimed higher.

Then a funny thing happened.

People would stop & ask me what I was doing differently.

Someone even told me that I made being unemployed look great!

Then it all came together. And I landed a great CEO role in my industry that was right up my alley

Even better? I was energised by it and\ knew it was something I could sink my teeth into.

Now, I head up my own consultancy and help executive women get back in charge of their own destiny.

If your career is not going the way you’d prefer, ask yourself:

“Am I getting in my own way? Or am I making my own way?”

You have a choice



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