Worthy Women - because you're worth it

I travel for business ... a lot!

And when I started my own consultancy I negotiated a couple of deal breakers into my contract with “my boss”.

  1. No more early morning flights
  2. No ‘Up and back’ in a day unless it’s for lunch
  3. No more airport bus (although the Sydney train is fabulous)
  4. Business class when it’s at a meal time**


And she said yes!


  1. Because I hate being worn out and exhausted
  2. Because it helps me stay productive and my boss is a hard task master
  3. Because my clients deserve me at 100%
  4. Because I'm worth it 😎

Interestingly, there are so few women up the front of the plane it’s notable. Even the crew comment.

(** It's always a meal time. Who am I kidding?)

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