Yet another powerful F word - to boost your productivity

Feeling scattered, flustered or a little out of control? Maybe you're working flexibly/remotely, juggling a major project deadline along with kids on school holidays?  

Or maybe you don't have kids but you're picking up on a flustered, guilty sort of vibe anyway as you make like you're a swan smoothly gliding on a lake, when really you're paddling like crazy underneath wondering if you're getting this career and leadership thing right.

Don't worry. I hear you!!! Being a woman in business takes multitasking and juggling to a whole new level.

Your best work?

Firstly we need to get over the notion that our best work is done in the office, in a meeting or at your computer. We all know it, but we haven't ditched it yet.   Most likely your best thinking time is done when you're looking at a view from your 40 story building, or walking by the beach or even taking a shower.

One of my connections on LinkedIn is currently making headlines as she travels Australia with her kids (for a year) and submits substantive work remotely with the connectivity, support and trust of an enlightened employer. Her best working time? Sight seeing. Yes, really.


And secondly, we need to create ways to prioritise focus.  

  • Focus. When you give a staff member your full attention, tuning into the words they say as well as the body language and the nuance that lies between.
  • Focus. When you create space for intense small project milestones (like bricks in a wall) that enable you to harness the sense of progress without becoming over-whelmed.
  • Focus. When you prioritise the things that are really important and do those things in the quiet time of the morning when your brain is fresh and your attention is less scattered.

Easier said than done

We all know that focus is important, yet regaining control of it is almost impossible. So here is my go to technique for those who want something new. As some of you know, I teach yoga. In fact I've been practicing yoga for around 16 years.  Many of the practices and disciplines of ancient wisdom traditions are now becoming far more mainstream and accepted in the business world. My go to practice when I need to refocus is breath work. Breathing.  In fact I use the 4-7-8 breath technique. It's a super fast, super effective re-calibration tool that works - every time.

  • Inhale for 4 counts
  • Hold for 7 counts
  • Exhale for 8 counts
  • Repeat for 4-5 rounds only. And NEVER do it while driving or operating heavy equipment.

Try it now.
And let me know how much better you feel!
Short and sweet this week, because I know you've got a lot on your plate and you need to focus.
#Feminineleadershipsuperpowers+ #focus = #priceless

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