112 million reasons why doing less might be far better for executive women


Melanie Whelan is the CEO of Soulycle in the USA - an incredibly successful spin studio business that has taken the industry by storm, yet started just 10 years ago in a candle lit basement.  

Now with 60+ studios, thousands of full and part time employees and revenues that exceed USD$112 million/annum, plus a company culture that is shattering expectations and standards in the USA, she is a role model for many. 

The demands on her in her day are endless and relentless and this is one of her strategies for keeping focused and strategic is to disconnect from her day in order to let the priorities settle.

"I play mental Tetris to let the pieces of my day fall into place, so I can come out and really prioritise ...... I can be busy with a million things, but to have impact, it’s got to be a couple things and without the disconnection for me, I’m not able to see where that is.”  - Melanie Whelan, CEO Soulcycle

Sometimes we imagine we need to be busy and productive all the time in order to be successful and have impact, when quite the opposite is true. Research tells us time and time again that downtime and recalibration are invaluable - allowing us to regroup, reenergise and course correct if we need.

So try it.  Take a moment, disconnect and allow your priorities to recalibrate once again.

Feminine leadership superpowers + downtime & recalibration = priceless

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