Language habits that get in the way of women leading

Language Warning!   

Are you making these common language mistakes at work?

“I’m no expert but ….”
“I know you’ve been doing this much longer than me but  ….” 
“Am I making sense?” 
“Do you understand what I mean?”
“I just wanted to send you an email …..”
“I actually wanted to find out ….” 
“I probably should check this …..” 
“Let me quickly say …..”

And my personal favourite - uptalk - which makes you sound uncertain, as though you are seeking approval or need your ideas validated.

Passive or apologetic language habits get in the way of your executive brand, your career success & any leadership aspirations you may have.

They undermine your credibility.

Subtly but surely

And what’s scary?

They’re worse if you are overworked, overwhelmed or worn out

Get awareness.

Get an audit to identify where you need to -

  • Slow down, pause, conveying confidence and authority
  • Remove shrinkers like "just" and "actually" before sending emails to make your statements appear stronger
  • Use eye contact to show kindness, while keeping your power

Then eliminate slowly but surely.

Do the work.

Then take charge of the narrative before it takes charge of you!

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