Is it possible to lead and be “nice” at the same time? More on Nice Girl leadership

Is it possible to lead and be “nice” at the same time?

Dr. Lois Frankel wrote a book on this topic back in the early 2000's, but did we all get the wrong end of the stick by simply focusing on the book title? "Nice Girls Can't Get the Corner Office"

Reflections on “nice girl” leadership for those struggling to carve to a leadership brand that’s congruent and authentic - not just brash, bolshy and competitive because you’ve been told you need to be that way. 

After all organisations don't need more of the same style. Diversity works because of diversity - of thought, ideas, styles and perspectives.

No more "big hair, big shoulder pads, go hard or go home".  

Have the confidence to lead leading authentically.





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