What can Executive Women Learn from the Cult of Celebrity and the "Celebrity CEO"?

Crafting a brand strategy for yourself as the face of your company is arguably as important as developing your company’s brand image
— Brant Pinvidic, Forbes


Cult of celebrity and the rise of the celebrity CEO - what can we learn?

Brand your way to success - executive branding is gaining traction

Brand your way to success - executive branding is gaining traction

  • We’re in an era demanding trust and transparency
  • Consumers trust individuals more than institutions
  • And reputation identified in the top 5 concerns for CEOs (2017 KPMG CEO Global Outlook report) 

Executive branding has become a thing!  

Modern, forward thinking, entrepreneurial CEOs and execs are creating huge followings online and it's delivering business outcomes.

Key learnings:

  • People trust people 
  • If you can’t be authentic don’t bother
  • You can provide far more value by being a “micro celebrity” than hiding behind the organisation you lead
  • Every entrepreneur is just one search term away from being in nearly every household in the world
  • It’s not a waste of time. It’s the cost of doing business in a modern, digital, globalised and increasingly complex environment, where people are looking for clarity & certainty, & follow those they identify with & trust

My question to you then is - is this simply smoke and mirrors? Or is it a legit part of the executive branding toolkit?

Would love to know your thoughts.


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