What are you up to in May? Executive Branding & Executive Impact intro sessions

Self promotion can be tough for executive women. We're damned if we do, yet doomed if we don't. Research tells us that most of us aren't especially comfortable with it, and even when we get it right there's likely to be someone in the wings ready to cut us down to size - too loud, too quiet, too nice, too assertive, too lucky, tries too hard, too ambitious, not ambitious enough, too ....everything.

"Who does she think she is?" 


Unfortunately, the social penalty for getting it wrong is even worse and can make you wonder if it's worth doing at all which then leads to a lack of confidence and hesitation about tactics that really work.

All is not lost.  Self promotion tactics and Executive Branding are all under the microscope during the month of May. And if you're at all curious about working with me these events are a must.


BY INVITATION ONLY - limited to 12 places - and you're invited.

  • Sydney - 2 May 2018 from 5.15pm (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Melbourne - 11 May 2018 Morning tea from 10am (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Adelaide - 17 May 2018 from 5.15pm
  • Brisbane - 23 May 2018 Morning tea from 10am
  • WEBINAR - 30 May 2018 from 12.30pm

Book in via the links.

Yes these events sell out fast.  

So email to be put on a wait list for future events and keep your eye on the events page on my website.

Presence, Positioning & Personal Brand - take charge of the narrative before it takes charge of you!

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