Nice Girls Can Indeed Get the Corner Office

What a great evening in #Melbourne on 14 June.

Thanks also to Mary Anne Waldren for sharing her insights at Work Club for my Women of Impact program.

Event photography thanks to Luis Ferreiro

Event photography thanks to Luis Ferreiro

Key takeaways and insights

  • Nice is not naïve
  • Nice does not mean being compliant, complicit or even capitulating
  • Nice doesn’t preclude being direct, assertive and highly competitive
  • Nice also can mean being willing to have tough conversations, or even sometimes using tough love principals to help someone move forward
  • Nice means being kind, generous and gracious - graciousness goes a long way in business and is hugely underestimated
  • Nice and likeable aren't necessarily the same and definitely not to be confused with needing to be liked

As one motivated attendee emailed after the event

"Being nice means being true to yourself and the situation by setting appropriate boundaries without aggression, anger, hatred or resentment. It’s about being strong and steadfast in your convictions whilst opening your heart to show kindness, compassion and gentleness towards others." 

>> Your thoughts? Can we keep it nice and still lead effectively?

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