Perfectionism - is it the main cause of Imposter Syndrome?

Perfectionism is a curse isn’t it? A raison d'être for some, or creeping up on others when they least expect it!

I believe we women create a rod of perfectionism for our own back, holding ourselves to exacting, unforgiving and unrealistic standards.

We want to -

  • cook like Masterchef,
  • have a house that looks like Vogue Living
  • create a career that REALLY counts
  • and then, we wear ourselves out at the gym trying to “look good nekid”

I’m exhausting just thinking about it!!

In some of the wisdom traditions perfectionism is seen as a form of self harm or violence - not only against yourself, but against others as well.

I know it leaves me depleted, with a severe case of imposter syndrome and then leaning out and not trying any more because I’ll “never be good enough”.

What about you?

And - is there another way?

>> YOUR THOUGHTS -  Are you a recovering perfectionist? ? How do you deal with your perfectionist tendencies? Or are you one of the lucky few who missed out on that permutation?


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