The #1 Worst Career Advice for Executive Women

What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever received?


Maybe it was well meaning poor advice, rather than deliberately poor advice, yet poor advice none the less.

My biggest bug bear is the advice frequently doled out without much thought  at women in leadership conferences.

“To get ahead you just need to work hard.”

Not only is this misguided, but it’s incredibly poor advice for those who have been socialised to lean towards the conscientious and the compliant.

Of course there will be times when

  • we all need to work hard
  • effort is required
  • hard work is the currency of the day

But there should be more times when strategic, smart and savvy would be better served.

Work smarter, not harder! 

In a modern, globalised, digitised world that’s complex, nuanced and ambiguous, working smarter will suit you far better.

After all we’ve been working “hard” at gender diversity for years. It's time to work far smarter instead! 

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