Are you leaving money on the table by not doing this one thing?

Not following up …… is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.
— Michelle Moore

To follow up, or not? That is the question.

When you move into the realm of the Gold Standard of Executive Branded, you definitely follow up.

In fact, some might say that your future depends on your ability to follow up.

Not in a needy, desperate, scarcity mindset way.

But confidently, deliberately, proactively and professionally.

Q: When should you follow up? 
A: At almost any step of the process. See why below.

1. After you send off an application? If via email, yes, follow up. It's far more challenging with online systems so do your best. But definitely follow up, if you are applying via email, or via a recruiter. 

2. After interview? Yes, definitely follow up. You may be able to address any perceived gaps with what you find out i.e. you find out via a recruiter that the panel wondered if you had enough X,Y,Z experience, so you then counter that misperception by sending a one pager with a few tangible examples in a proactive, professional and helpful way.

You should also reiterate your enthusiasm for the role. Plus, make sure you say thank you. Gratitude and graciousness go a long way.

3. After the "thanks, but no thanks"? Yes, follow up. Ask for feedback on your performance because you are keen on improving your interview skills.

A couple of my clients are experts at using the follow up, and fast tracking or furthering their application at each phase of the process. 

  • Follow up at #1 got their application to the top of the pile. 
  • Follow up at #2 reminded the interviewer that they existed. 
  • Follow up at point #3 got them great insight as to future improvement areas in interview performance and refining their ideal role landing skills. It’s rare that people give feedback, but not unheard of. And it might just be the very thing you needed to hear.

One client found out that people were a bit put off by her spiral bound notebook. Small issue for sure. But people make snap judgements about you in a split second. And missing out on a role because of a notebook is so petty - yet easily fixed.

Finally, follow up at any of the stages could get you more information about a bigger, better or more suitable opportunity that you didn't even know about yet.

And to quote the fabulous Avril Henry

"Nobody cares as much about your career as you do. So do something about it!"

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