Self Promotion Sucks – but it doesn’t have to

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Self promotion sucks – especially for executive women

We’ve been socialised

No one becomes an industry leader overnight. Start with one self-promotion strategy at a time. You’ll be surprised at how things blossom from the smallest effort in the right direction.
— Michaela Chung
  • not to big note ourselves, yet owning and sharing your expertise is a key to a successful career

  • that if we do stand out, it’s should be for looking good, gracious or glamorous and never raise a sweat, yet the key to kicking BHAGs is to put yourself out there.

The social penalty for women who self promote and get it wrong, can be debilitating.

We’re all attuned to it because we’ve been hearing criticisms and advice about standing out or fitting in for most of our lives.

I run my own business

I have to self promote daily in order to stay successful.

I struggle as much as the next person, especially when I’m tired or feeling vulnerable.

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this journey?

Take the self out of self promotion

Instead focus on your why, a sense of purpose or a cause.

Not only will you find it far easier, but you won’t be criticised as much either.

And for the thousands who put themselves out there every day in the face of possible criticism or rejection?

I respect you.

We’re setting the scene for generations who come after to tackle things differently.

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