Now this is a true woman of impact!

Kudos to Greta Thunberg who has not only delivered a powerful and moving speech on climate change at United Nations General Assembly but has continued to grab the limelight in her drive to create change.


I love how she stands her ground.

She knows how to respond to her detractors and stays committed to her cause.

She is a great role model for women and men and at any age, not just younger generations to come.

Greta's actions have inspired and reminded so many of the power of taking action and making a difference.

We don't need to wait for others to create change, we can simply get out and do it ourselves.

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." - unknown Shout out to my friend and photographer, George Spiteri, who was so inspired by Greta's conviction and grace that he created this image depicting her as a superwoman to help further her cause.

Looking forward to what is to come for Greta and towards a better future as Greta's legacy!

YOUR THOUGHTS? Who do you admire for simply getting on and creating change?

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