How awesome bombs and a brag-a-log can supercharge your work life!

How awesome bombs and a brag-a-log can supercharge your work life!.jpg

I was interviewed by Lisa Leong for ABC's This Working Life. Producer @Maria Tickle then wrote the article.

In summary I love the brag-a-logue idea from Peggy Klaus.

Most of us are very good at downplaying our achievements and underestimating ourselves. Plus we’re worried others will think we’re bragging too much.

Yet the people winning all the glory are those who are prepared to:

> Back themselves

> Self promote &

> Own and share their expertise

How? Collect evidence of wins and achievements every week. I love the Friday Achievement formula as a tool to do just that.

EVERY Friday document -

> What have you achieved this week?

> The benefit you delivered (quantify or qualify)

> The core skill/expertise used

This is perfect for those times when

> you are feeling worn out & wondering if it's all worthwhile

> someone pushes back on your in a meeting but you know they are wrong but normally can't think of how to respond

> you need to self-promote.

Given it’s Friday - what have you achieved this week?

It’s okay to blow your own trumpet if you know how to play!

#womenofimpact #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes #selfpromotionmatters

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