Are your perfectionist tendencies keeping you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

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Confessions of a recovering perfectionist

Balance is something I’ve fought for all my life.

I use the term “fight for” deliberately, because I haven’t found it easy and my other extreme is putting my head in the sand.

As a recovering perfectionist, sometimes I feel that if I can’t do something properly, I shouldn’t bother at all.

It’s either perfect, or it’s the worst thing ever made and everyone is an artistic failure, including myself. (Yay, emotional extremes!)
— Felicia Day

Yet this is a furphy. After all, 3 x 10 min walks around the block is better than nothing, and recent research tells us that it’s even better than 1 x 30 min walk around the block on some markers!

Throughout my career I’ve felt I’ve needed to choose between

  • Doing everything or doing nothing

  • Going at it like a bull at a gate or not even trying

  • Effort or ease

  • The Masculine or The Feminine

  • Feast or famine

  • Flat out like a lizard drinking or lazing around on the couch ... drinking! 🤣

  • Always on or always off and

  • Never giving up and always letting go.

My perfectionist tendencies have kept me constantly choosing between a rock and a hard place, and feeling guilty when things didn’t work out.

Balance will only come when I make peace with this part of myself and with that comes real impact.

CONFESSION TIME - Does this sound like you? How do you find the balance between on and off? Do you have any advice for others? Or do you need help with this?  Drop me a note and let me know - - or share to inspire another woman somewhere.

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