Celebrating strong, fierce, tough, talented and powerful women in sport who inspire us to greater heights

With International Women's Day 2019 just around the corner maybe it’s time to get revved back up again and focused on what we can do, rather than what we can’t.

So much we read about what women, women leading and feminine ambition is focused on what we can’t do and keeps us playing small.

Loved this inspiration from the #IWD2018 World Triathlon

(You can thank me later ☺️)

Three amazing and athletic women in my network who set the standard high!

  • Victoria Symes

  • Samantha Phillips and

  • Lisa Walton

I’m sure there are many others but these three were top of mind.

Who is a strong, fierce, tough, talented and powerful woman who inspires you?

#IWD2019 #womenofimpact #inspiringwomen

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