Confessions of a recovering #perfectionist

Balance is something I’ve had to fight for all my life.

And I use the term “fight for” deliberately, because I haven’t found it easy.

As a recovering perfectionist, I frequently feel that if I can’t do something properly, I shouldn’t bother at all.

Yet this is a furphy. After all, 3 x 10 min walks around the block is better than nothing, and recent research tells us that it’s even better than 1 x 30 min walk around the block on some markers!

However back to choosing ….. throughout my career I’ve felt I’ve needed to choose between

  • Doing everything or doing nothing

  • Going at it like a bull at a gate or not even bothering

  • Strength or softness

  • The Masculine or The Feminine

  • Feast or famine

  • Flat out like a lizard drinking or lazing around on the couch .. well drinking! 🤣

  • Always on or always off or

  • Never giving up and always letting go.

My perfectionist tendencies have kept me constantly choosing between a rock and a hard place yet feeling guilty when it didn’t work out.

Balance only comes when I make peace with this part of myself and with that comes real impact.

HOW ABOUT YOU? - How do you find the balance between on and off? Any advice for others?

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