Why does it have to be either or? What about Yes And?

Why does it have to be either or?

What about Yes And?

Of course girls can be girly and athletic.

And of course women can lead and still be feminine.

Great story from CBS News

Photographer Heather Mitchell was at her 8yo daughter Paislee's softball practice in late March and making casual conversation with another mom. Mitchell said to the mother she hoped "Paislee learned to love the game, because she's athletic."

The other mother's reaction took her by surprise. Mitchell said she told her that Paislee is "not athletic, she's a girly girl." Later that night Mitchell couldn't sleep, bothered by the comment.

"I was thinking why does she have to choose between being girly and athletic" "Why can't she just be both without the judgement of it?"

So she took about 10 photos of Paislee posing with softballs in a pink "princess" dress to show her daughter could be interested in both sports and "girly" things.

Posted on Facebook and things went viral.

>> Why does it always seem that we pigeon holed into one thing or another?

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