Attention grabbing #pinkwash?⠀Or a really smart way to campaign by @L'orèal to highlight the gender equity business case?


I don’t mind, even if they are paying #lipservice (pun intended) it’s a great way to draw attention to an old problem.

The gender salary gap, while diminishing slowly, is still a big deal in many industries and sectors, despite increased awareness and attention on the business case.

Some interesting stats from WGEA:

◾The highest paid men are earning at least $162,000 more than the highest paid women

◾Women are most under-represented in top-tier management positions. However, this category has seen the fastest growth rate, increasing by 4.4 percentage points in the last five years

◾The glass ceiling remains a barrier for women at CEO level, with very little movement in the last five years (+1.1 percentage point).

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