8 great reasons why you should attend my Winter Women in Leadership Retreat in Macedon

8 great reasons why you need to attend the Women of Impact Winter Leadership Retreat.png

We've all experienced the benefits of taking a break. But sometimes it feels hard to justify when deadlines are looming, you're on a roll or you have conflicting priorities.  Yet research has proven time and time again, that good old fashioned hard work with your nose to the grindstone, might not be the smartest play when it comes to creating a career with more impact.

While I love Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In message in principle, one of the things I dislike is the ease with which we can misinterpret the context of leaning in to meaning we should simply be doing more, working harder and we'll get there in the end. When in fact, we need to be working far smarter, far more strategically, with the space and energy to recalibrate and flex as we go. 

After all, if we keep on doing what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always got!  And the data proves that gender parity is still a long way off.

So what are the benefits in attending the Winter Women of Impact Leadership Retreat in Macedon?  Well, here are eight great reasons that you can go to your boss with right now -

1.     You get to prioritise yourself for a change - chances are you're really good at looking out for everyone else (your team, your boss, your family), and forget to look out for yourself. Remember, your priority #1 should be you. This retreat you'll get to fit your own mask first for 1.5 days and a great reminder to be doing this more frequently.

2.     You have time to re-evaluate your short and long term goals. Is this still what you really want? Or have you grown and changed in the last year and your plans need recalibrating? Or do you have hidden talents or interests that you haven't yet tapped into because you've been too busy?

3.     The big open spaces of the Macedon Ranges will help you decompress, which will in turn reduce your stress response, which will help you become less reactive and make better decisions.

4.     You'll get time to plan any required course correction as you have the space to see the woods for the trees far better. Stop being busy, start being strategic.  

5.     You'll experience a big creativity boost ensuring you work smarter, not just harder.

6.     You get a chance to refocus on your leadership style, helping you to lead like a leading woman more easily. Your organisation likely doesn't need more women who simply lead like men. Instead, you'll develop some awareness around your leadership style so you can lead far more effectively.

7.     You'll connect with other likeminded women who will inspire you, challenge you or reinforce that you're on the right journey, and who may end up becoming buddies for life.

8.     And finally, as a bonus, you get to hang out with Julie Hyne, Irene Scott and me for a few days. We love our work inspiring talented women and can't wait to get started.


And all this is before you get into the benefits of the Retreat curriculum or agenda!  

(Both you and your boss will thank me later)

When: 1 - 2 August 2019 (arrival lunch served from 12.00 noon Thursday)
Where: Macedon Ranges Resort, Spa & Conference Centre 
             Just 35 mins from the Melbourne airport and 45 mins from the Melbourne CBD
Early Bird Pricing: 30 June 2019 COB

Who should attend? Ideal for executive women with big goals, bigger drive and even bigger ambitions, or newer consultants wanting to establish their brand with more impact.

Bookings and details here

One of the biggest questions I get asked is "I'm not one of your existing clients, can I still attend?" 
Absolutely. I offer a rate that includes a 2 hour one-on-one mentoring session with me. An ideal way to start taking your career more seriously.

Note 1: Space limited to ensure a boutique, personalised and more impactful experience

Note 2: Taking time to regroup, recharge and refresh with likeminded executive women might be just the ticket to help you start thinking differently about leadership and your career.

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