😱 How did I miss this from 3 months ago??? 😱

Yet timely, as #Barbie turns 60yo

86% of 8000 mums surveyed by Mattel said that they were skeptical about buying a Barbie for their daughter, because of the negative stereotyped role modelling.

In response, they’ve created 17 dolls of real and famous inspiring women. The #Shero program includes both historical & modern role models including

> Frida Kahlo

> Amelia Earhart

> Martyna Wojciechowska, Journo

> Bindi Irwin, Conservationist

> Patty Jenkins, Filmmaker (Wonder Woman)

> Katherine Johnson, NASA Physicist

I never had a Barbie. Not sure why but for some reason they didn't feature high on my agenda.

As a kid I grew up on a farm and far bigger toys to play with - a mini bike, a go-kart, a toy race-car set and heaps of pets. No, I wasn't a tom boy. I didn't know that what I did was unusual. However it was when I started spending time with 'city kids' that I noticed the difference in play time.

What I do love about this is the redesign of the Barbie ethos. For those who want to play with dolls, Barbie now comes in all shapes, colours and sizes and with real life histories that educate and inspire.

YOUR THOUGHTS on the new SHERO Barbie range? CREDIT: Bored Panda & Womens Agenda

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