"We don’t have balls, but we know how to use them"

I ❤️ ❤️❤️ this German Women’s World Cup team hype video that has been hailed for its strong message of female empowerment.

► I ❤️ the power of this clip

► I ❤️ the play on words

► I ❤️ the challenge to socialised norms & stereotypes

► I ❤️ the message - so inspiring. Makes me want to go out and 'kick goals' with the best of them

But it begs the question - why is it that a powerful woman is called a ball breaker but a powerful man is called a deal maker? Let's call her a change maker instead.

Words, language and names are powerful. When used well they shape and inspire. When used without thought they can cut people down or keep them playing small.

Use them wisely

COMMENTS WELCOME - Love it? Hate it? What do you think?

Kudos to the players and the coaches

Kudos to the creative and production team behind this.

Thanks to Jane Anderson CSP and hashtag#SBSViceland for inspiring me


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