From Invisible to Invincible - a self-promotion handbook for #executivewomen

I'm so excited! 🀩πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

Advance notice from my editing team that my new book will be out at the end of August!

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From Invisible to Invincible - a self-promotion handbook for #executivewomen

Thanks to my #linkedinfamily who gave me such insightful feedback on the initial cover draft and thanks also to the amazing Louise Williams who helped me truly roar.

Time and time again, executive women wake up and realise they’ve spent their entire careers making everyone else look good and have forgotten about themselves.

If you've ever experienced the following then this book is for you ....

β€’ You are a deep subject matter expert but you hate self-promotion

β€’ You have been bypassed for plum assignments, juicy pay rises or better opportunities but you don't know why

β€’ Others have taken credit for your results and you don't know how they get away with it

β€’ You are a younger executive and have been told you are too ambitious and that you need to do your time and wait in line

β€’ You have a seat at the table but no-one knows why you're there and you don't know how to fix that.

My team and I are now taking advance orders.

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