7 AWESOME reasons I've learned to ❤️ boxing and maybe you will too 🥊

How do you find the balance between being happy with how things are, and striving for more?

As a yogi I've learned to become less reactive and more accepting of things I cannot change. While I'm not a stereotypically "blossom from your heart flower" yogi, I love the calm acceptance and clarity it brings to my work.

But there are times in my life when I definitely need more oomph! And boxing has become my new favourite.


1. Its surprisingly fun! I haven't laughed so hard in years as I get the patterns wrong

2. The patterns are awesome for coordination and ..... by default growing new brain cells

3. It's an awesome work out

4. It's something my husband and I can do together

5. Passers by always cheer me on as they watch Russ and I sparring together 💪

6. As a recovering perfectionist It's something I'll never be great at, but can focus on getting better

7. It give me the 'get up and go' I need to get big things done.

COMMENT BELOW - How do you find the balance between never giving up and always letting go?

Gif video fun from Port Melbourne on the weekend. My technique definitely needs work but I haven't laughed so hard in years! 🤣😂🤣

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