Is this just a game? Or is it a game changer? The new Ms Monopoly board game by Hasbro


Is this new board game the magic bullet? Could this shift perceptions about women and money?

Hasbro has given Monopoly a makeover.

Enter Ms Monopoly.

The game features inventions & created by women throughout history instead of the typical real estate investments found in the original version.

“Women also make more ($$) than men in Ms Monopoly ….. though, Hasbro points out, men can make more money, too, if they play their cards right”

Three strange facts

  • Research has proven time & time again, that women outperform men with investment decisions than men (Hargreaves Lansdown & Warwick Business School)

  • Yet only 9 % of people surveyed believed women to be better at investing than men (US Fidelity Investment Women & Money Survey)

  • And far fewer women actually invest, preferring cash over stocks & shares

Personally? I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the new games. In fact, I’m planning a Ms Monopoly party for my next networking event to get the money savviness discussion started!

YOUR THOUGHTS? Is this just a game or is it a game changer?

My only other question - where can we buy this in Australia?

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