600 million awesome reasons why diversity is great for business!

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Meet Payal Kadaki, founder of ClassPass

A high performer in both her academic world and in classical Indian dance, she grew frustrated with the process of trying to find dance classes online.

As a result, she build ClassPass - an app that helps you find and compare dance, fitness and yoga classes with a few clicks.

Instead of paying for access to one gym, pay a monthly fee and drop in to classes of all sorts.

It’s revolutionised the industry and today, ClassPass is operating in more than 20 countries and worth more than $600 MIL.

This is a good news story on so many levels.

Recent data tells us that women CEOs get about 3 % of venture capital globally

Gender-diverse teams (maybe just one woman on a founding team that is otherwise all-male) get just 17 % of venture capital dollars

Yet the data also tells us that founding teams with at least one woman out performed all male teams.

I love ClassPass & I’m obviously not the only one.

What a great reminder of the benefits of diversity.

YOUR THOUGHTS? Know any female founders doing great work?

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