Nils Vesk

Highlights from the 2015 Thought Leaders Showcase

As many of you know I've launched myself on the speaker circuit to speak about women in leadership, gender diversity and how to overcome the things that sometimes get in the way of women leading.  I'm passionate about helping people do better work - and right now, this means helping women to step up, speak out and take charge of their lives, careers and communities.  


Well my inspiration comes partly from this community of powerful thought leaders established by Matt Church many years ago. Every year Matt launches a brand new batch of speakers into the world. In 2012 I saw Dr Jason Fox whammied me with motivation science and as a result delighted the SOCAPoz audience the following year. In 2013 Gihan Perera charmed his way onto one of my speaker programs with his self deprecating humour and curious way of looking at the world. In 2014 Natasha Pincus wowed me with her "I am Not a Genius and So are You" presentation. So much so that I signed up to the program immediately following her talk!!

This year was no exception with amazing talent from a brand new crop of speakers. Here are the highlights of those who missed out.

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