do more with less

I used to be a crack filler

I used to be a crack filler

  • Do more with less

  • Cram more in

  • Every minute matters

I even took up yoga, not to relax, but so I could fit more in!

If there was a gold medal for efficiency, I would have won it

Until things broke

I was getting worse results despite working harder, leaving me exhausted and demoralised

Then I met a consultant

While everyone was cramming their day, he was un-scheduling so he could have reflection time

  • Not working

  • No meetings

  • Just thinking


He said “You all got into this mess by doing more and more. You are paying me to think differently so I can get you out”

Ahhhh ...

We all know intuitively that filling up all the cracks of our day is unsustainable - keeping us playing small. But it's now a habit.

The pressures on executive women, in particular, are immense - a cycle of proving our worth over and over again then feeling guilty for having down time.

Getting off this treadmill is an active and deliberate choice - plus you'll need to break the habit.

You decide.

“Your life choices aren’t just about what you want to do; they’re about who you want to be”

My question to you is - Are you human doing, or a human being?

Then - what will you do differently so you can get off this treadmill?

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