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"I don't think I'm displaying leadership. I just think I'm displaying humanity," said Jacinda Ardern, PM, NZ, in the wake of terror attacks against Muslims in NZ.

Which begs the question, why is this so unusual that we take notice? Why don’t more leaders display humanity?

My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.

My admiration goes out to a leader not afraid to show compassion.

READ MORE - SMH article in the link https://lnkd.in/fVQwip3

Credit: SMH article World's tallest building lit up with image of Jacinda Ardern, by Joel MacManus Photo taken by Wellington photographer Hagen Hopkin

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Let's show them what crazy can do

Here's to all the "dramatic", "delusional", "nuts", "unhinged", "weird", "hysterical", "crazy" women in my network

Because you're kicking phenomenal goals, breaking glass ceilings, tackling issues and driving change like never before.

It's only crazy until you do it. Fine. Let's show them what crazy can do.

Inspiring video released in the lead up to #iwd2019

Superbly narrated by Serena Williams.

Thanks to Nike - just do it

Thanks also to both Carla Wall and Tessa Irwin MFIA for sending this my way.

Let's show them what crazy can do.

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Leadership lessons from a hip hop dance competition? You betcha'!

Leadership lessons for #leadingwomen from a hip hop dance competition? You betcha’!

Don’t imitate the men. 

Toni Basil, best known for her multi-million-selling worldwide 1982 hit "Mickey", which reached No 1 in several countries, reminds female hip hop artists to not forget their femininity. 

  • It doesn’t take away your strength
  • You can be as strong as you want
  • I’m talking about women accepting the femininity within them and adding it to their “dance”

Love this as a lesson in leadership for women! 

Gone are the old days of “big hair, big shoulder pads, go hard or go home”.  

And to women reading this - let’s lead like a leading woman not like a man. 

“I haven’t found myself constrained by the male models of leadership because I haven’t found them particularly inspiring, so why copy something you didn’t like?” ~ Ann Sherry AO, Carnival Australia

And Toni Basil?  At 75yo you truly inspire and not just because of your amazing dance moves. For the groovers reading this post? Check out the video - this will make your day.

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(Video - Youtube HHI's "Real Talk”)


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Are you unintentionally damaging your own credibility with this one small, yet common mistake?

Let me tell you a story.  

About six years ago, when I was heading up the consumer affairs peak body, an astute Board member took me aside to give me feedback after a meeting.

Feedback is right up there with complaints in my mind. While complaints professionals might go round espousing that "the complaint is a gift" and handing out stickers that say "I ♥ complaints" - they're likely few and far between. I've not met that many people who truly ♥ feedback or complaints. I fit in the second category in case you were wondering.

So there I was, exhausted after preparing and hosting a full day meeting interstate, and heading off to get some feedback.

Here's what he said -

"Amanda, when the Board pays you a compliment, we really need to you to accept it - no matter what else is going on for you. When you brush off the compliment it does two things for us -

  1. Makes us think you don't respect or value our opinion, and
  2. Makes us begin to doubt that you did a good job in the first place.

This habit is really undermining your own credibility. I highly recommend you address it. Fast."

Wow!  And there I thought I was being gracious, humble and making sure that the whole team were acknowledged appropriately!!

And here I was undermining my own credibility!!  I had no idea. Go figure! (And thanks Andrew. This truly was one of the biggest gifts you could have given me.)

Self harm

What's worse is that when you regularly reject compliments from others, you are doing something far more detrimental to yourself.  

You are feeding the itty bitty pity committee that sits on your shoulder and keeps you downplaying, underestimating and second guessing, resulting in you not putting your hand up for those bigger, better and bolder opportunities as they arise. You are telling yourself that you truly aren't that great even in the face of external evidence.

The narrative you tell yourself about your capability, your experience and your expertise, is equally as important, if not more, as the narrative you convey to others.

Time to address this now.

Navigating the feminine stereotype

The feminine stereotype is supposed to blush, be modest and deflect the compliment. According to research, when women don't accept graciously, others judge negatively.  And it's fear of this social stereotype judgment that keeps us playing small. 

So a better way to accept a compliment is to simply say "thank you".   Nothing more, or less, despite additional words bubbling up and you wanting to speak further.  

"Thank you" will suffice. 


Or if you really desperately need to be more expansive try "Thanks, I appreciate the acknowledgment or feedback."

Don't dismiss, deflect, or out compliment back. Simply smile, accept, acknowledge, then get on with the business of being great and making a bigger difference again.


The gift that keeps on giving

So when I received the gift of feedback, I now regift that on to you. If we all learn to say thank you more easily, then this becomes the new norm and even be the catalyst to powering us on to aspire for bigger or better outcomes.

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What happened last time you accepted a compliment with a simple "thank you"? Drop me a note and let me know.

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What would your future leadership personal brand do?

In Australia there is an extremely witty television series on the ABC called Gruen which lifts the lid on the world of advertising, spin and marketing. As an aside, and as a glowing testament to the IQ of the viewing public, the show's ratings beat both The Block and The Bachelor in 2016.

What would your future self do?

What would your future self do?

Each week they have a segment that features a particularly dominant world personality. This season that was Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada - a self confessed feminist and driver of change.  With tongue firmly planted in cheek the host, Will Anderson, poses the question "What would Justin do?" with a graphic of a superhero ripping open his/her shirt to expose a superhero chest and then flick to a clip of Mr Trudeau doing something pretty amazing or unusual somewhere in the world.

But what about your personal brand?

So now it's your turn. When was the last time you clearly defined your future leadership personal brand?  Never? Well why not try now? Go on. Grab your 'confidence journal' and start describing.

  • What work would your future leadership self be doing?
  • What would you stand for?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What difference would you be making?
  • How would you behave or react?
  • What language and voice would you be using?
  • What would you be wearing?
  • How would you turn up to work every day?
  • What would be your leadership style?
  • What difference would you be making?
  • How much money would you be making?
  • Who would you be hanging out with?
  • How would you respond to criticism?
  • How would you respond to compliments?
  • What things would you share on Social?
  • What conversations are you having (and with whom)?
  • What decisions would you be making? and
  • Who, or what ,are you leading?

Your answers to these questions (and more) become your blueprint, or even a road map, to help you navigate more successfuly as you head into leadership territory. Your answers will also help others work out how to interact with you and what to expect from you plus keep you one step ahead of your competition. After all people are inspired by leaders who look like they know where they are going. 

Pro-active personal brand development is not as common as it should be

According to Glenn Llopis on Forbes

"less than 15% of leaders have defined their personal brand and only 5% are living it every day."

Yet with success and and a clearly defined personal brand so closely correlated I wonder why this is?

By doing this work pre-emptively are already well ahead of the pack. This becomes your competitive advantage - and makes tough decisions far easier.

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.
— Toni Morrison


Use your leadership self to help Solve problems

So in the same Gruen vein, I suggest that any time you come up with a dilemma that you can't solve via the usual channels, you rip open your metaphorical superhero leadership shirt and ask yourself, what would your future leadership brand do? And solve it that way.

Decisions are far easier when you bring your biggest, best and most leaderly self to work every day.

We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.
— Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Don't listen to the itty bitty shitty committee

When it comes to a situation at work that you don't prefer, or a dilemma you can't solve easily then you want to approach it with your leadership personal brand front and centre. Don't listen to the itty bitty shitty committee, or the scared weird little guys who frequently sit on your shoulder and give you small and safe advice.  Simply approach the situation with your future leadership personal brand blueprint, along with the those three feminine super powers (active listening, clear communication and emotional intelligence) and work your way through. You'll thank yourself later.

Plus by doing the work and unpacking your future personal brand pre-emptively you're already one step ahead of the curve so when a difficult situation occurs in the future, you'll feel far more clear, confident and certain far sooner.

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolution #feminineambition #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes

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