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When Fixer Upper Mania is Bad for Executive Women

There are three typical areas in life where Fixer Upper Mania is bad for us.

  1. Fixer upper houses - when it becomes a renovation rescue project that descends into a scene out of The Money Pit
  2. Fixer upper relationships - relationship rescue - because you truly can't change anyone else but yourself
  3. Fixer upper jobs/depts/organisations - reputation rescue - where you stay past your use by date because you keep thinking "just one more project and it will be ok".

If we focus on #3 - tomorrow never comes, and sometimes just over the crest of the hill is another crest, or worse, an even bigger mountain!

If you've been employed to deliver transformational change, then deliver that, then find another transformational change project and move on. That's your expertise. Own it and use it as a super power. No regrets.

If you've been employed in a BAU capacity, yet circumstances require transformational change and it's not floating your boat anymore, maybe it's also time for you to let go and move on.

If you've found yourself with a fixer upper role/dept/organisation that's more of a CLM (career limiting move) - perhaps it looked enticing on paper and at interview, but the reality is far, far different with resistance to change ingrained into the organisational DNA - then life's too short to keep wearing yourself to the nub trying to mend a broken promise anyway. 

Does this mean we stop trying any more? No way. It's just you need to draw a line in the sand that's going to be better for both you and your organisation. 

Fixer Upperers are expensive - on your time, on your energy and even your money. Don't let your version of a Fixer Upperer ruin your reputation and your longer term happiness as well.

Just saying.

Your thoughts?

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