Don’t let your "stuff" get in the way of doing big, important work



In February 2015 I had the privilege of attending the Heroic Public Speaking Immersion in Fort Lauderdale with Amy Cronise Mead and Michael Port.  Wow! Talk about a high powered event, and for those who know my professional event management background that’s saying something. Thank you to the entire team for creating this amazing event.

The main takeaway for me was around stepping into your own authority, perhaps more colloquially known as “owning that sh*t”.

“I want to show girls you don't have to ........ give up you dreams. You can conquer the world. You can play in front of a crowd of 20,000 people, and you can own that shit.”  Tegan Quin

Both the men and women on this course expressed fear of getting on stage, fear of being found not to be good enough and told stories of procrastination and self sabotage in the preparation for the course. So often we give our authority away to others thinking that perhaps our ideas couldn’t possibly be as good as others, or that other people have louder, deeper voices so they must be more right, or even that the other person looks so confident that they couldn’t possibly be feeling anything less.  

And for the women attending there was a whole heap more going on based on both brain biology and the way we've been socialised including: 

  • Perfectionism - yes there is a heap of science to show that this holds women back more than men,
  • Imposter syndrome - feeling like you are going to be caught out or are a fraud which also impacts women more than men - (the irony here is that true frauds don't feel like it!)
  • Office housework - taking on extra work at work (and at home) that wears you out, fills up your day and gets in the way of getting ahead or doing the big important work. You guessed it, women do this more than men.

So back to my course, the difference between those who rocked this event and those who were bystanders just coasting through (and no, it wasn't gender)? It was authority and owning their own “sh*t” (the fear, the doubts, the perfectionism, imposter syndrome and over busyness) and being prepared to get up on stage  and simply give it a crack anyway. For those men and women who took the risks the learnings and the shifts were immense, obvious to others and exponential, meaning that their star has definitely risen on their new chosen career path.

“Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… decide what you want, create a simple plan, and get moving!”― Steve MaraboliUnapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

So if you are wanting to step up, speak out, take charge of your career, your life, your tribe – don’t let your “stuff” get in the way of getting the big, important work done. Own that sh*t and do it anyway. Get out of your own way and get moving.  Transformative change and exponential shift may just be the result you are looking for  - plus you'll have achieved some big, important work along the way.

Vive la révolution!  #ambitionrevolution

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