The power of authentic voice

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.
— Madeleine Albright

Did you know that some of my most popular articles have been written on the back of a beer coaster? Not kidding.

Yet on the flip side, some of my least popular articles have seen me sweating at my computer for hours and hours at a stretch. Painstakingly crafted and written with dedication and conscientiousness.

The two articles linked below both went a little 'viral' (pun intended) on LinkedIn a few weeks ago, and were written (collaboratively with hubby Russell Boon) while we were stuck on the tarmac waiting to take off for a weekend away - and dictated into voice recognition software - then tidied up later. True story.

For those in the business of creating a movement (not a ripple) finding your authentic voice is an incredibly cool leadership and communication tool. It creates connection, it's real and it's far, far more powerful.

  • We learned in Amy Cuddy's Presence that those pitching for seed funding were far more successful when they were more authentic and displayed natural enthusiasm for their subject matter, rather than rehearsed appropriateness.
  • We know from interview panels, those candidates with enough confidence and presence to allow some of their more authentic nature to shine through, rather than rote or rehearsed yet thorough responses, are standouts.
  • Plus I certainly know from building my own following on LinkedIn that when I allow people to see my more quirky sense of humour, the engagement is greater. While not directly inversely proportionate with effort (now wouldn't that be a neat trick), it's certainly notable.

One final note - LinkedIn is a great tool for positioning and creating impact. If done right it helps you to stand out for the right reasons. Getting comfortable with the platform sooner rather than later, and learning how to share and engage with a more authentic voice, will ensure you truly have impact.

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