Time to D.E.C.O.M.P.R.E.S.S.

Yesterday I saw a guy in a suit, singing on the beach.

He was walking along, headset in and belting out a tune with not a worry in the world.

He seemed happy, relaxed and he didn’t care what other people think.

After my initial response wondering if he was OK, I realised that I want some of that relaxed, not a care in the world sensation too

Thank goodness for holidays!

When you operate in a state of constant high alert, pressure & stress, it triggers a fight or flight response.

Just like fear.

Chemical signals that wash through your brain and body - the same as if you had to run from a sabre toothed tiger!

But you didn’t

Instead, you’re wrestling with a cocktail that’s far more deadly - deadlines, KPIs, office politics, reputation management, expectations, disappointment, guilt, fear and comparisons.

The impact? 

You risk becoming small - invisible & dismissible - far less likely to belt out Broadway tunes on a  the beach.

Time to decompress!

Wisdom traditions teach us to decompress regularly.


Modern neuroscience teaches us the same.

This holiday period reflect on the following

"your best ideas rarely happen in front of the computer"

Then unplug, get grounded, laugh, hug, spend time with people who matter most, get outdoors and take a break


Here’s to a big, bold, bodacious & brilliant 2018!

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