Five ninja success techniques to help you hit your straps more easily

The last couple of months have seen a bunch of my clients win some seriously big wins. (Go team Ambition!!) And it got me curious. Are there any common themes?

  • Was is their age?
  • Was it the organisations they work for?
  • Or was it they work in masculine or feminine dominated industries?

And while it’s easy to put success down to IQ, luck or timing, that’s not what I can see is really happening. In fact, not at all.

So to help you achieve your own Big Hairy Audacious Goals more easily, here are some of the key themes in their approaches ......

1. A really clearly defined big goal or vision - with room to manoeuvre.

  • A vision of wanting to be CEO of an ASX listed organisation in 10 years time - means that the immediate short term tactics and timeframes around leadership, promotions and career progression are simple.
  • A vision around wanting to be "Head of .." – helps you define a clear pathway along which to travel – what to study, who to connect with, which peak bodies to be part of or what substantive work projects you need to put your hand up for

A study of a Harvard Business School class, demonstrated that people who wrote down their goals earned on average 10 times more than any of their classmates. This is big. Learn more here.

 2. A willingness to do what it takes - even if that made them feel uncomfortable.

  • If that meant late nights, weekend work in preparation and finding time between the cracks to craft an approach or to prepare for their session with me - then that's what they did.
  • If that meant six interview rehearsal sessions with me, then they booked six rehearsal sessions with me. And turned up for each one with a willingness to hear feedback, refine and improve.
  • If that meant letting go of attitudes, mindsets or beliefs that were getting in the way, then they simply let go. And yes, getting out of your comfort zone does feel uncomfortable. But remember, that’s where the magic happens!
I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.
— Estee Lauder

3. Zero excuses -  In fact excuses don’t figure in their vocabulary

And while that might sound a bit trite, it’s true.
For example:

  • “I’m too busy” translated into “How can I make this happen despite being busy?”
  • “My boss won’t let me” translated into “What do I need to do to get my boss to hear me?" or "Is there a way to to approach this?”
  • “My husband/partner doesn’t think I need this” translated into “I think I need to do this, so I made it happen. My husband/partner will thank me later when I land my next promotion or come home with a pay rise or am not whinging about work any more.”

4. #justdoitnow - Immediacy and urgency

They all had an approach of immediacy and a sense of urgency – rather than leave things til the last minute.  One big thing I noticed was that after a session with me, those who have been more immediately successful, have all done their actions within a few days of seeing me – despite having a 2 week window of opportunity. They simply made it happen as soon as they could.

One of the benefits of this is that they nearly always come back and ask for feedback on what they’ve done so we can fine tune and refine their approach between sessions and not waste another session waiting for progress.   If leadership is a priority for you, then prioritise leadership, and yourself.
5. And finally - Buoyancy - Conversations with these women are incredibly upbeat and buoyant.

They all have strategies that help them stay afloat, so to speak, even when the proverbial hits the fan.

Dan Pink in To Sell is Human talks about the critical nature of buoyancy in a sales process. Let's face it. When you're tackling your next big career goal, you are definitely selling. You are selling yourself and the value of your work up the business, or into a new business. Buoyancy is absolutely, categorically, critical.

So buoyancy is how do you remain buoyant on the notion of rejection? What do you do before? What do you do during? What do you do after?
— Dan Pink

Helping you hit your straps


So if you're feeling like you haven't hit your straps yet, or your own goals feel a long way out of reach - then I'd suggest start adopting some of the principles above.  As always, remember:

  1. Hope is not a strategy
  2. Be prepared to make mistakes
  3. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, and
  4. Be prepared to do the work.

And I'm looking forward to hearing about your next wins and achievements!

My mission in life is to help women to play a much bigger game – change the world if you will – and do so with big ideas, big vision and big, audacious bucket loads of confidence.

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolution #feminineambition #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes

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