Women in Leadership
Talent Revolution

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Femininity is the operating system of twenty-first century progress. Women—and the men who can think like them—are creating a future we’ll all want to inhabit
— John Gerzema - The Athena Doctrine

Relevance and sustainability are the two biggest issues facing most organisations today. Women in leadership (equal with men) is one of the most effective levers for improving both. So my questions to you are: 

  • Who are the next generation of female leaders in your organisation?
  • How do you invest in them to ensure their success?

Business leaders and corporate talent specialists are getting worried. Despite putting gender diversity measures and targets in place - talented women are still “leaning out”.

Boards, shareholders and the community more broadly are demanding more women in leadership - and businesses still don't know what they're doing wrong.

The sorts of questions business leaders ask me include:

      • Why can't we retain great women? We invest in them and they go elsewhere ....
      • What are we getting wrong?
      • Why can't we attract great female talent from elsewhere?
      • Where are the failure points in our organisation?

      I help build empowered female leaders who are confident, capable and effective  - helping your business to future proof itself well into the 21st Century.  Call or email to learn more - ablesing@amandablesing.com or +61425 780 336