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Ladies who Self Promote - how to stand out for all the right reasons

A one day Plan in a Day workshop for executive women who have big goals and vision for 2019 and want to get it all mapped out before they get too busy

Self promotion can be tough for executive women. We can feel damned when we do, yet doomed when we don't. It's a tight rope that we need to navigate or we simply throw our hands up in the air and give up.

But not only is self promotion necessary, it can be really powerful when planned and linked to your long term career goals, plus really fun when done in a collaborate environment with others.

If you've ever used the following excuses

  • I don’t' have time for this, I'm too busy doing the work to be able to self promote properly

  • I'm worried about what others will think or say behind my back

  • Or maybe you simply feel like a fraud and wonder whether you're actually good enough to be taking your careers seriously at all 

If this sounds at all familiar, or you simply want to get your 2019 Self Promotion Plan linked to your Career Strategy and done in one day, then this fun workshop is for you

We've all heard the expression "fortune favours the well prepared". This workshop will ensure you are perfectly prepared forr 2019, with very little to do but press play!

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Working with Amanda is like getting an instant promotion! She has a deep understanding of how women work, lead and think and is therefore able to create self-promotion strategies that feel both comfortable and crucial for anyone wanting to have more impact and control the narrative of how they are seen and heard professionally. Amanda is a brilliant connector and motivator who has the knack of combining focussed learning with a serious injection of fun.
— Penny Terry - Speaker | Broadcaster | Mentor

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I was recently introduced to Amanda’s Women of Impact networking events. The insight l have gained has been revelatory. Just three words - quality not quantity. Amanda’s truth bombs are legendary, and yet she always holds space for confidence building. I really enjoy meeting with other senior level executives experiencing similar career challenges. Can’t wait for the next one!

— Jodie Burns, Managing Principal Solicitor, Victorian Government Solicitor's Office