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Nice Girls Leadership - intro evening

  • Sydney 17 July from 4.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Limited to 14 places only
  • Work Club, Level 8, 99 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Leading while female – can be joyous, exciting, challenging, hard work and plain awful all in one. No-one said it would be easy, and they were right. However for many, once you get over a few of the hurdles, there is no other choice. Leadership is the only viable option.

How we lead is another story. Historically women have embraced more masculine traits in order to be able to fit in and be successful. This not only doesn’t work any more, but we miss out on the various benefits that diversity of leadership styles bring. 

Join us for an evening of strategic networking, interactive discussion about leadership style. What is nice, what's not and what you can do about it. 



LinkedIn Mastery Masterclass  - how to create a movement, not a ripple

From Invisible to Invincible on LinkedIn  


You know when you keep sharing on LinkedIn but mostly don't really know what works and what doesn't?  

  • You see other people's posts over and over again with hundreds 👍 and heaps of comments but can't seem to get anything to "pop" yourself
  • You may even be wondering "why bother at all? It doesn't seem to be worth it!"
  • But you keep on going because you know you should, even though you hate it

As you know I've been developing and refining exciting techniques to gain more traction on LinkedIn.  I’ve had one spectacular post hit 60K impressions but my average is between 20K and 30K - repeatedly.  So I'm offering these tactics as an exclusive Masterclass in Melbourne.

Who should attend?

  • Consultants keen to generate leads through content sharing

  • Busy executives who want to be known for more than their job title 

  • Anyone interested in getting more bang for their buck on LinkedIn

  • Those who hate networking events and want to find another way!

Bookings in the link 

Amanda is a LinkedIn genius. She is incredibly insightful, practical and knows all there is to know about business and personal brand development for smart female leaders. What Amanda doesn’t know is not worth knowing. For the latest in time-saving, results-driven actions, I would highly recommend one of Amanda’s courses.
— Gabrielle Guthrie, Principal, Guthrie Legal, Environment and Planning
I was recently introduced to Amanda’s Women of Impact networking events. The insight l have gained has been revelatory. Just three words - quality not quantity. Amanda’s truth bombs are legendary, and yet she always holds space for confidence building. I really enjoy meeting with other senior level executives experiencing similar career challenges. Can’t wait for the next one!

— Jodie Burns, Managing Principal Solicitor, Victorian Government Solicitor's Office


June: Leveraging Likability with Mary Anne Waldren & Amanda Blesing


May Tour: 7 Vital Components to Subtly Powerful Self Promotion
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Webinar in May 2018 



April Webinar: The Power of a Visibility Strategy for Executive Women

Join me for a webinar to learn about the power of a Visibility Strategy - helping you get noticed for all the right reasons


March Webinar & Live Event:  
The Power of your Pitch

Elevator Pitching under the microscope for both formal and informal settings.

Amanda regularly hosts workshops for exisiting clients to help them create a more powerful voice on social media and create a following. Suitable for consultants and executives alike. 

* Next stop Melbourne! WATCH THIS SPACE

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