Vic ICT Importance of Women in IT #IOW event - event highlights

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, the thought of speaking to large groups was terrifying. But now, it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do as I inspire women to reach a little higher and further in their career journey.

On 19 September I spoke to Vic ICT for Women in Melbourne on the importance of self promotion for women even in masculine dominated industries.

Here’s a snapshot

“It’s not who you know or what you know, it’s who knows what you know and how it adds value”

“Thursday morning done right with Amanda Blesing FARPI, learning about her subtly powerful self-promotion tactics at the Importance of Women in IT #IOW event. Thanks so much for leaving us inspired and motivated to take action!

Amanda Blesing with Caroline Staimkamph

Amanda Blesing with Caroline Staimkamph

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Here’s what others said:

“Amanda’s energy and presence was awesome, and the great messages had all of us buzzing well into the day!” ~ Tanushree Parial, Vic ICT for Women Breakfast 2019

“Great session with Amanda. It was interesting to see that the key take-away was slightly different for everyone that I spoke to. There really was something for everyone. Thanks Amanda!” ~ Steven Picken, Vic ICT for Women Breakfast 2019

Absolutely amazing session! Amanda is incredible!!! ~ Louiza Nutt, Vic ICT for Women Breakfast 2019

“Brilliant breakfast session yesterday, one of the best this year.” ~ Rhona Duncanson, KPMG Australia

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Her Own Glow - Soul and Sisterhood Blog Interview

August 14th 2019


“You are your own worst enemy. You need to get out of your own way.” Girl, this is hard to hear. What does this mean? You might be great at your job, but it will be your own beliefs, biases and baggage that will create blind spots, friction points and keep you from being even better. Not someone else. Yourself. Put systems in place to help you get out of your own way more easily.” - @amanda.blesing💫

Happy Wednesday ladies! Meet Amanda Blesing, a trainer, mentor, speaker and author! As the creator of The Ambition Revolution Program, she currently speaks with, and consults to, busy and ambitious professionals. What really switches her on is seeing these individuals step up, speak out and take charge of their roles, careers, aspirations and their communities. Let the mingling commence...


Creating a well environment for work… at home – in the @SMH

Creating a well environment for work… at home 1.png

Claire Isaac

July 12, 2019

Sydney Morning Herald

Whether you’re a  busy executive with flexible arrangements working from home or a small business owner operator from the home office, managing your environment is critical. The risks when we get it wrong range from back pain, eye strain, lost sleep to a diminishing of the quality of your personal life if the professional life encroaches too far.  A great article in the Sydney Morning Herald – and yes they quote me.


When thinking small is your biggest mistake - This Working Life at ABC Radio

I was recently interviewed by the fabulous @LisaLeong for This Working Life at ABC Radio. She asked me three key things

  1. What mistakes I made early in my career (you might be surprised)

  2. Negotiation tips for executive women - is there a good time to negotiate? Yes it appears there is.

  3. Self promotion advice for anyone interested in getting ahead in their career.

Listen here for the interview, where I talk about the cost of leaving my career for love, and what I ultimately learnt. My segment starts at 19'40.


So You Want to Follow Your Dreams? My interview with international podcaster Alexandra Deubner from Austria

Connecting and learning from life coach, Alexandra Deubner, from Austria may be just the ticket!

She interviewed me on my own career path, my thoughts on how you can follow your dreams, the importance of confidence, a growth mindset and, of course, self-promotion tactics and getting out of your own way! 

Following your dreams isn't self indulgent, or woo woo. When we are aligned more closely with our sense of purpose we are happier, healthier, live longer and more engaged in our work.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  said Sally Berger

And I say, it’s never too late to tackle your career differently… and with purpose.


Work Smarter, Not Harder - my interview with Lauren Kress, CEO, The Change Makers

I was interviewed by Lauren Kress, CEO of The Change Makers, where we talked about the recent KPMG Women in Leadership survey, which found that many women ‘got the wrong memo’ on how to advance in their careers.

According to the survey, 71% of professional women believed career advancement relied primarily on working hard, and not on activities that furthered their career, such as speaking engagements and nominating themselves for awards, which men were more likely to do.

It would appear executive women are still playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

The biggest myth is that women need to behave aggressively in order to get ahead.

In fact, it is in being authentic and congruent to our own values, working smarter, getting out of your own way, and even getting mentoring and coaching, which will deliver the change we need.

Halve your effort, and double your impact. Strip back and work on the things that really matter. This will make the biggest difference in your career.

January Is A Good Time To Do A Lot... Not Just Lie On The Beach

Image by Getty and  ten daily

Image by Getty and ten daily

I was interviewed by Claire Isaac on making career changes in January.  Common thinking is that it’s not a good time. But who wants to be common?  In fact, not only is January a great time to re-examine your career, but my clients have a great strike rate in December as well.   Read more …

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolution #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes #feminineambitionrocks #success #career #executivebranding


The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Change Careers

Article on Ten Daily by Claire Isaac on 9 October 2018

I was interviewed once more for Ten Daily and this time on Career Changes

Many of the women I speak with tell me they are hesitant to make big changes in their career. This is not unusual.  One factor could be needing stability around raising children and taking on the responsibility of a mortgage. With the ABS indicating that the median age for having your first child is around 31 years old (the same as taking on a first mortgage), that’s also right at the same age that many start taking their career more seriously.  I’m confident this impacts on our appetite for risk.  The old maxim “better the devil you know” is still a popular, and change is hard for many.

However the benefits of change are significant including opportunities to negotiate an increase in salary, plus it’s far easier to change perceptions around your performance or track record in a new organization. You don’t need do carry all that baggage with you when you change.

READ MORE >> The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Change Careers

PMI Adelaide - 4 Great Reasons to Network Smarter

Thanks to Sudha Bhat for inviting me to write for the PMInsights Magazine for the Adelaide Chapter of PMI.

PMInsights June 2018

4 Great Reasons to Network Smarter

There is a famous saying - your network is your net worth. Yet most of us conscientiously put our head down and backside up and get on with the work. Why is this? And networking for networking sake - is it worth it?


Stop getting distracted at work | ten daily by Claire Isaac

Image by  Ten Daily

Image by Ten Daily

Article on Ten Daily by Claire Isaac on 24 September 2018

I was featured on Lifestyle Career again  and this time on the issue of focus and productivity.

“Many of the executive women I work with tell me that focus is a real issue. They frequently wonder “when will I get the work done?”  because they feel they spend all their time in meetings. Combined with open plan offices and time on LinkedIn and you have a recipe for disaster -- which leaves many wondering if creating a career that really counts is all it’s cracked up to be!

But don't worry, it turns out you can train yourself to stay focused. You just need to stay focused long enough to do it... “


#LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes #feminineambition #success #career

>> My Interview with Jane Jackson, Career Coach – for those curious about changing careers


Thanks to Jane Jackson for the interview.

One of the best things about being the host of YOUR CAREER Podcast is getting to know amazing professionals and chatting about their fascinating career journeys. Amanda Blesing, women in leadership coach, is one of those amazing professionals with great energy and positivity to help her clients, and is my latest guest on the show. Amanda shares her fascinating #career path from her early days in teaching, to dance, to fitness, to corporate, and on to #entrepreneurship as a successful coach and mentor. Interestingly, our career paths have taken a very similar route so we share some wonderful memories too (yes, they do include dance, fitness and leg warmers! 🏻)

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolutionrocks #LookOutCSuiteHereSheComes #feminineambition #success #career #executivebranding #personalbrand #standout #leadership  #executivewomen #careerfutureproofing

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below:

How to create flexible working hour arrangements – Lifestyle

Image by  Lifestyle

Image by Lifestyle

By Claire Isaac, Lifestyle

I was interviewed by Lifestyle magazine on the issue of flexibility. It’s a big issue for women and many women are hesitant to ask for fear that they will be rejected, or may rock the boat with their current job.  See below

While we're told flexible working hours are the way of the future, the reality is many of us struggle to put that into practice. Here's how to negotiate to get your work-life balance back in check while keeping both yourself - and, crucially, your boss - happy.


What do you stand for? Connected women at the NAB

Thanks to a couple of women at NAB for sharing great content and inspiration via linkedIn using my special formula. Love your work Genevieve and Johanna! 

Be sure to get involved in the conversation on LinkedIn. 

I loved speaking in front of an audience who really get involved.

Well done to the organising committee! And well done to those who implemented learning immediately.