Proof that women in boardroom quotas work

The Telegraph

By Lauren Davidson 13 Jan 2015

Introducing quotas to boost the number of women in corporate boardrooms is working, according to a new global index from Catalyst, the non-profit organisation for women in business. 

Norway, the first country in the world to mandate that women account for 40pc of its board seats, tops the ranking of 20 countries across three regions, with 35.5pc female representation on the boards of its OMX-listed companies. 

France, which gave its companies until January 2017 to reach the 40pc quota, is far ahead of its 20pc interim target with women accounting for 29.7pc of board seats, closing in on Finland’s 29.9pc.

Less than a fifth of both Australia and the US’ board seats are filled by women, while Germany’s ratio is even lower at 18.5pc. 

Unlike Australia and the US, however, Germany will introduce a quota in 2016 to ensure that 30pc of its biggest companies’ board seats are held by women.    READ MORE ....