Stop equating women in tech with engineers


WRITTEN ON 1 February 2015 by  - Rachel Sklar - who is the founder of Change The Ratio. She’d love to become obsolete.

There’s a lot to get mad about in Nina Burleigh’s Newsweek article about sexism in Silicon Valley. But what jumped out at me in a particularly face-palming moment was this little gem:

A prominent venture capital investor from one of California’s top firms, who asked not to be identified because he didn’t want his firm “singled out,” called the absence of female partners “embarrassing” but said it’s directly related to the smaller percentages of women graduating from the engineering schools. “There is no question that diversity of opinion adds to the acumen of the group,” he said. “One of the most passionate business reasons we have to expand the investment to include a handful of women is that they are often not represented in the partnership dynamic around the table on Monday when we are discussing investment ideas.”

No and no and no. And ARRRGH and punch a wall. It is a RED [delete expletive] HERRING to constantly blame Silicon Valley’s gender problem on a lack of female engineers. If Silicon Valley’s money people or fancy keynote founders or biz whizzes on the cover of Entrepreneur were all engineers crushing code 24/7, then fine. But that is not the case.   READ MORE ....


(Note multiple references to research to remind us why organisations with women in senior roles do better than organisations who don't.)