Why not nominate yourself for an Award? See listing.


In the interests of inspiring clever women to greater heights - or possibly to gain recognition for the work they already do so well, here is a list of Awards you might consider nominating for.

Alternatively if you know a woman somewhere then please encourage them to nominate

In a statement of pure personal interest - I can help with that. It's so much easier to get someone else to help you write the Award instead of doing it yourself.  Call or email - 0425 780 336 or ablesing@amandablesing.com.

Here are three great examples of women doing something similar.

So why would you want to?  

  1. The rigorous process of writing and submitting helps you see things differently and by practicing talking about our wins and successes, we bring things we might have forgotten back to forefront of mind. Yes its time consuming. Yes its worth it.
  2. If you make the finals, the recognition from your peers is well worth it. Become known as the go to person in your industry. You will definitely stand out from the crowd and your CV & LinkedIn profile looks amazing. And it might even boost your confidence enough to ask for a payrise! 
  3. If you win, then that's a whole new ball game. This puts you back in the drivers seat of your life and career. Take it, run with it, leverage it and work it. You deserve it!

2015 SOCAP Australia Awards for Excellence in Consumer Affairs

  • Click on the link above for more information 
  • Nominations close 5pm Friday 31 July 2015.
  • Rising Star and Stellar Achievement categories.

AFR 100 Women of Influence Awards

Nominations are now open at 100womenofinfluence.com.au for entries across 10 categories – including a new Culture category encompassing influential women in the arts, sport and the media

  • Nominations close on Sunday, August 9, 2015. 

Women in Financial Services Awards 

  • Recognise women who lead change in the finance sector
  • Nominations close 5pm 20 August.

FEmale Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The Female Entrepreneur Awards are an exclusive awards platform dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the amazing entrepreneurial achievements by some of Australia’s finest female entrepreneurs. More women than ever before are launching businesses, often with rapid success, and this prestigious awards event provides an opportunity to draw attention to the phenomenal achievements of these women.

  • Five categories
  • Nominations close 31 August 2015



  • https://www.telstrabusinesswomensawards.com
  • Nominations open May 2016 - start preparing now!


What would it take? Its going to take a way with words, a bit of effort and getting over your natural tendencies to want to not to big note yourself. Its also going to require you to get over any residual Imposter Syndrome tendencies.  Once again - I can help. Its much easier to do this for someone else than it is to do it for yourself.