Challenging Meritocracy with UN Women and Autopia

On Wednesday 22 July in Melbourne I attended the Driving Gender Diversity breakfast presented by UN Women Australia and sponsored by Autopia  where they presented their report which challenges the notion of meritocracy.

We heard from a range of experts on the notion of meritocracy and why its an outdated and flawed notion full of unconscious bias.  In my mind this means so much when it comes to Associations planning industry conferences as frequently our industry conferences are full of white men in suits on the stage with an implied message that anglo saxon males are the only experts. While this is not the platform for that particular argument or debate (read more) it was exciting to hear both the theoretical and practical examples of why meritocracy is flawed and what we can do about it.

With thanks to our speaker panel: 

  • Julie McKay, Executive Director, UN Women Australia
  • Prof Robert Wood, Director, Centre for Ethical Leadership
  • Dimity Hodge, Australian Practice Leader - Leadership Advisory Services, Spencer Stuart
  • Air Commander Alan Clements, Commandant, Australian Defence Force Academy

If you want a copy of the report you can download it here.

Vive la révolution! #ambitionrevolution