Recent reflections on The Imposter Syndrome - Does it still exist?

Why does imposter syndrome still exist in women?

LINDA KELSEY on - well and good

Last updated 12:06, August 8 2015


"Entitled "The imposter phenomenon in high achieving women", it [the research] detailed the results of five years of working with 150 successful women, ranging from undergraduates and PhDs to lawyers and teachers, who persisted in believing they were not very bright and had somehow fooled anyone who thought otherwise. 

That's me to a T, I thought, while jumping to the conclusion that, as a university dropout, I had far more claim to being an imposter than any of the genuine high achievers.

They might be victims of a syndrome, but I really had reason to doubt myself, compared with the outgoing Oxbridge graduates who seemed to dominate the industry in which I worked. This lot might have imagined themselves to be phonies, I told myself, but I was the real deal, a genuine phony.

On the back of the research we ran a story in Cosmo asking, "Are you a victim of imposter syndrome?" and were flooded with letters from readers who were young and ambitious and slowly climbing the career ladder while convinced they were going to be unmasked at any moment."